GoDaddy Review : Use Fast, Reliable and Dedicated Hosting

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Among various hosting providing companies, GoDaddy has become a highly reliable brand. Different types of hosting and servers are available under the name of this brand. Undoubtedly the Dedicated Server Hosting is one of the most powerful products of this company. Due to several features and facilities, this product has become very popular. Very strong quality storages and processors have been used for this service. Just after making an order, you will get your server ready in the shortest possible time. In this post I have mentioned the features and pricing of this product.


GoDaddy Dedicated Hosting Review

GoDaddy can be considered as the global brand for various types of products and services. One of the best services provided under the name of this brand is the web hosting solution. It is not possible to go into details about all the products of this company in any short review. Hence we have put light on the hosting facilities offered by it. If reliability is the thing you are looking for with the hosting solution, then GoDaddy can be chosen by you. Lightening fast speed is the main advantage of the hosting of this company. So many other features and pricing plans have also been mentioned below.

Feature That You Need

In many cases, it can be said that the cPanels associated with the dedicated servers are very difficult to handle. But the GoDaddy Dedicated Hosting includes very easy to handle yet powerful cPanel. It also includes a very speedy processor. The web contents will be stored to the virtual disks. Mirroring of those disks can be done very easily for protecting all those data. You will enjoy the root access feature to edit all the server files. Dedicated Hosting of GoDaddy will provide your very good experience. The support team will be there always to provide help for any problem.

Fastest Page Loading

You may know that the hosting providers offer several plans for various types of products they offer. Similarly, this company also offers various plans. All the plans have some common features. And those can also be considered as the major features. Unbiased cloud performance will be shown by the servers, so that the targeted sites will be loaded very quickly. The server is based on the Linux platform and the cPanel is also very advanced. These features are the indication of the fastest page loading. Security is another thing which will be offered on the websites by GoDaddy. To monitor and secure the websites, the security team of this company works all the time. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the brute force attacks or any kind of suspicious activities.

Easily Scalable Resources

The fact is for any website it is very difficult to predict the necessary power. To handle more traffic and to deal with more web contents, you may need more power. Scalable resource is that is why very advanced feature of GoDaddy web hosting. You will be able to get more high quality CPU, more RAM and other resources very easily when needed. This company will also help you to use the allotted resources more comfortably. You will get alerts when you will reach to your limit. You may need to get various apps for your websites. And you can do install the apps without problems. Even the entire CMS like the Joomla and Drupal can be activated for the site. If you want to sell various items, you can take help from the Magneto.

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Amazing Pricing Plans

For each of the Linux and Windows, there are several plans of Dedicated Server Hosting. Among the Linux plans, the smallest option includes 2GB Ram and 512GB storage. Monthly cost of this is USD 79.99 as per 22 November 2015. And the Largest Option is to choose the 32GB RAM and 2TB storage. This one can be enjoyed for USD 209.99/month. Just like the Linux Plans, there are five different options of Windows platform. But these are comparatively costly. For 2GB RAM pack, the monthly cost is USD 109.99. And for the 32GB RAM pack you have to pay USD 239.99 for each month. Impressive thing is, with GoDaddy Dedicated Hosting, you will get 45 days money back guarantee.

Levels of Management

The GoDaddy Dedicated Hosting provides different levels of management. Depending on your necessity, the right one can be chosen. Fully managed server can be chosen if you do not have proper time to set up things. All the cPanel and other settings will be handled by the support team of GoDaddy in this case. You just have to deal with the clients. In this case, Cent OS or Windows platforms should be used. There is also the managed system where some of tools will be provided to you. And many of the settings will be handled by the support team. You can apply all your technical skills for maintaining the server by choosing the Self Managed option. In this case, you can use any of the Cent OS, Fedora, Windows or Ubuntu platforms on GoDaddy Dedicated Server.