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Gmelius discount

While running any large business company, you will need to organize a lot of teams as well as the projects. In that scenario, a lot of criteria will be arrived to collaborate them together. To support you in this case, today I will suggest you Gmelius, an amazing solution. Gmelius is a powerful one collaboration platform which can simply integrate the needed tools used by your specified company. To enable this task, you won’t need to migrate your available data into a different solution. Besides, you won’t face any complexity to train up your teams.

Quick Review on Gmelius

Gmelius is a platform which can transform Gmail into anyone’s Company’s workspace.  With this, there is the way to manage the available clients as well as the projects without leaving their corresponding inbox and third-party tools. This product has been developed with the aim of communicating and collaborating between the team workflow. It acts as a bridge between the internal and the external communication process. With this, users can simply integrate Gmail or G Suite inbox with their specified tools in order to finish their work in time. If the review of the software has convinced you then please purchase with our discount. Grab the Gmelius coupon now.

Core Summary of This Product

Are you ready to simplify the teamwork process? Then don’t wait and pick up Gmelius for your business platform. Gmelius offers a complete set of options for managing the daily works in a systematic way without disturbing the commercial loss. This is suitable for almost all types of business firms from all ranges. The firms who are trying to streamline their communication process with proper workflow can simply depend on this. Here, the shared inbox and the shared labels are mainly applicable for organizing the external communication. Besides, the email notes and the team tags are valid for organizing them internally.


Active Features

Gmelius offers a wide range of powerful features. Here, in the top order you will find a shared inbox with help desk section. Therefore, you will observe project management, sales outreach, shared labels, email notes etc. In this portion, some advanced level facilities are also offered like email templates for your Gmail, email tracking suite, mail merge, CRM for Gmail and the Email Delegation.

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The highlight of the Application

Having everything in the google workplace makes it much easier to see the progress of the team’s work all the time. It is helpful because you can see if any team is running behind the deadline of the project, which team has done most of the improvement, and which team is making errors in projects. As people will be able to see the files of projects getting worked and updated in real-time. One of the features allows managing all the emails from one central place. Gmelius provides a shared inbox for Gmail so that people from different departments can easily access the email and reply to the clients.

For example, whenever the inquiries are sent to the support team if the sales team opens the email they can transfer the email to the support team. So that with the help of Gmelius everyone can work together in the same Gmail account. It will help to reply to the queries of the clients faster and provide better results and get more satisfied clients to the people. With shared inboxes, it helps to create transparency of the services so that everyone can see the email replies to the clients and whether the issues are solved or not.

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Project Management

Gmelius helps easily to manage the projects in the same platform. People just need to turn any conversation into a task. Whenever the conversation is done with clients, the conversation can turn into clients. For example, if the clients have had issues while checking out, the conversation about it will be turned into a task to the sales and marketing team automatically. So that there is no need to assign tasks manually to solve issues of clients. The software uses Kanban Boards to manage all the projects in Kanban Style and keep on tracking the signs of progress. It helps to share Gmail labels with just one click.

Gmelius Discount & Pricing

Gmelius offers 4 different plans. These are: Free, Plus, Growth and Enterprise. Among of them, the Free plan is offered as a trial one and it doesn’t ask any price. For purchasing the Plus plan of Gmelius, you need to pay $9 in every month without any promo code in 2021. This is the beginner one plan. For mid-level business firms, Growth plan is the suitable one. In order to gain this, you will be asked $19/month. For full professional activities, Enterprise plan is the best one. You need to pay $49/month for purchasing this effective plan. You may buy any plan for monthly or annual license. You will be able to save 25% when you buy the yearly or annual plan.

Hence, please get the software with our coupon. We hope that the Gmelius discount will be really helpful.