GeneratePress Discount: Get Coupon for WordPress Theme

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GeneratePress discount

Generally, we purchase separate themes for generating different types of sites. But, it is possible to use one WordPress theme to create almost all kinds of websites. GeneratePress is one of these versatile products. It is able to generate blogs, eCommerce sites, and professional websites.

GeneratePress Review and Features

A major property of a versatile WordPress theme is customizability. That means, almost every element of it should be customizable. But, most of the themes do not have this feature. That is why, these are suitable generating specific types of sites. GeneratePress is not like these products. It is a customizable product that can be used for creating all types of sites. Another important thing is price. Though it’s a professional quality product, you just have to pay a small price to have its license. Get the WordPress theme cheaply with our discount. We hope that the GeneratePress coupon will be very helpful for you in different projects.

Very Easy Start

While generating a new site, a new user may face a few problems. On the other hand, a user may need to create a site very quickly to meet the goal of a campaign. GeneratePress has a good solution to this problem. It provides a rich site library. A big number of demo sites are added to this library. Each of these demo sites is easily importable. A user has to import one of these demo sites and make necessary changes to create his site. Generally, an ordinary theme supports only a few colors. But, this one is capable of working with 60 different colors. All you need is to pick suitable colors for your website. Similarly, GeneratePress supports more than 70 typography options. Hence, it is possible to use various types of fonts in different parts of a site.


Dynamic Page Hero

Dynamic page hero option is a very impressive feature of GeneratePress. This theme allows to add various elements on a page with this feature. For example, a user may need to create a stunning single post. This feature will allow you to do so with custom texts, styles and colors. That is why, his post will look unique. The advanced hook system of this theme will make your task even easier. Similarly, this product comes with various theme layouts. Each of these layouts is customizable. Various types of display rules are applied to generate these things. After purchasing GeneratePress, there is no need to depend on any other tools to customize WooCommerce stores. This amazing solution will give you full power to customize a WooCommerce site with custom typography options, and layouts.

Control Site Elements

Adding bulk elements is not the only important thing to make a website look professional. You have to control element properties as well. Suppose, you have created a site with different elements. After generating that, you may find a few elements which do not look good at all. In that case, GeneratePress will be helpful. It will help to resize those elements with ease. Similarly, the padding and margin of a page can also be customized by using it. A useful menu is very important for making a site more beautiful. This theme helps its users to make custom menus. Different types of navigations can easily be added to a menu. Similarly, you will be able to add a mobile header to make a site more attractive. GeneratePress also supports a secondary navigation facility.

GeneratePress review

GeneratePress Discount and Pricing

It is a fact that thousands of companies offer WordPress themes. Before choosing any of these products, you have to think about several things. For example, the number of users should be considered. This number will give you an idea about the acceptance of a theme. GeneratePress has more than 40 thousand customers who are using it happily. So, it can be considered as a popular and reliable product. But fortunately, its license is available for a very small price. You just have to pay USD 49.95 to grab the premium license for a year without any promo code. An important thing is, unlimited websites can be generated by a single license. More importantly, while renewing its license, you will get a 40% discount. GeneratePress also has a money back guarantee.

Tiny Page Builder

Adding all the contents in a single area is not suitable in many cases. Rather, a large area may need to be divided into several parts. GeneratePress offers a tiny page builder to help you doing this task. It allows to create several sections in a large area. Sometimes, a user may not like some elements of this theme. An element disabling facility is offered by it to solve this issue. GeneratePress also supports a custom background facility to make a website more attractive. Sometimes, it becomes important to import an element in a theme. This product will help to import and export all types of elements with ease.

Therefore, get the amazing lightweight WordPress theme with our coupon. We hope GeneratePress discount will satisfy your requirements.