GanttPRO Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes January 2022

Have GanttPRO discount as 25% cash back on either Individual or Team license purchase. Please check the GanttPRO image below for coupon.

GanttPRO discount

There are different steps of managing a project. First of all, you have to set a top quality project planning. In this step, different types of charts can be necessary. Gantt charts are very useful in project planning. These charts can easily be created with a software named GanttPRO.

GanttPRO Review

Different types of charts are there to make project reports more attractive. To understand everything clearly, these charts are widely used by project planners and executives. Though there are various kinds of charts, Gantt charts are very popular. These are suitable for dealing with a team of any size. You may need to create these charts very quickly to meet the need. In such cases, the manual process is not enough. You have to depend on an efficient software for that. GanttPRO is a suitable software for generating all kinds of Gantt charts. Get the online chart solution with our discount. Grab the GanttPRO coupon now. Some of its amazing features are as follows:

Interactive Software

There are some other tools that help create Gantt charts. GanttPRO is an online-based solution that is suitable for all kinds of projects. Another advantage is, you are allowed to use it in multiple projects at a time. Sometimes, a project is so big that you have to split into several divisions. This software is helpful in doing so. It is able to use multiple workplaces for multiple tasks. Another important thing is to delegate the entire project management process to each and every team member. GanttPRO is very effective in this task. After that, only the assigned people will be able to see your project. As it is an interactive software, you will face no difficulty in doing any of these tasks. This software is suitable for setting different targets or milestones for completing an entire project. And, you will be able to set a specific duration for achieving every milestone.


Project Scheduling

GanttPRO has an online project scheduling facility. You just have to plan a project. Every project may require lots of charts. There is no need to create these charts manually. You just have to create a schedule. Then, this software will create these charts according to the schedule. An advanced prioritization is another great feature. Every user is allowed to prioritize different tasks to complete these in a quick time. You may need to create different sets of dependencies. Only a few clicks are enough to create these dependencies. GanttPRO has a drag and drop facility. While creating different charts, you can easily add different elements and their attributes.

You may get these GanttPRO benefits with our coupon. Extra discount may not be needed for the gantt chart software.

Team Management

After purchasing GanttPRO, no other team collaboration tool is necessary. This project planning software offers each and every feature that a team management tool provides. It helps select the role of every member of a team. Then, a set of tasks can easily be assigned to each of these members. To judge their performance, this software has a project tracking software. It is capable of tracking the progress of specific tasks. You may need to add comments on every progress. It will let you do that with ease. Similarly, GanttPRO allows to send necessary attachments to every team member. Another important thing is, it allows every user to send Gantt charts to other members. To do this task, only a few seconds are necessary.

GanttPRO pricing

Cost Estimation

We know that the resource management is very important for every project. Without a suitable resource planning and management, no campaign can become successful. That is why, GanttPRO has a resource management solution. With every chart, a suitable resource can be integrated. The time required to complete every task by using necessary resources may be set very easily. Similarly, it allows to set the cost required for completing every small task and an entire project. Managing a campaign is not the only important thing. You have to create necessary reports. GanttPRO is helpful in creating all kinds of reports. Then, it allows to share these reports in different formats. Some of these formats are PDF, XLSX, and PNG.

GanttPRO Discount & Pricing

You may need GanttPRO for personal needs in the year 2021. In such cases, the Individual License is more effective. This one is available for only USD 15 per month in a yearly billing system without any promo code. Each license is for a single user only. There are some companies that require this software for a team of more than 5 users. In that case, the Team License is more effective. To purchase this one, you have to spend only USD 8.90 per month for every user. Depending on the number of team members, its price will vary. The GanttPRO Enterprise license is suggested if the number of team members is more than 15. In this case, you have to contact its providers to know the price. All these licenses have similar features. There is a free trial version for each of these.

Therefore, please get the software with the offered coupon. Hopefully, the GanttPRO discount will help you with project planning.