GainApp Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes January 2022

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GainApp discount

Running different social media and other online marketing campaigns at a time is not a very easy task. A collaboration too is necessary for it. GainApp is an excellent quality social media content collaboration app for agencies.

Review of GainApp

When you will work with a social media marketing campaign personally, you have to do all the works manually. But, while working with a large campaign, it is not possible to maintain everything by own. That is why, there are various social media and marketing agencies. These agencies work with tons of content. They also filter and post these contents on multiple platforms. Almost every such agency uses a collaboration software. If you also has such an agency and need a collaboration app, then GainApp is a suitable one. It comes with lots of essential features. If you are happy with the review please purchase with our available discount. Grab the GainApp coupon now.

Content Approval

GainApp provides one of the simplest content approval systems. This one is very much useful for the teams. The number of members, priorities of approval, and necessary schedules can be made with it very easily. Sometimes, your clients may need to review different contents. In such a case, this app will send them necessary reminders. Sometimes, a social media campaign may need a big number of content approvers. You just have to add them to the GainApp system. No difficult login id or password is required. They just have to wait till they get contents to review. Every client will be able to approve every content with just one click. All the contents that are ready for approval will be shown on a single page.


Multiple Platforms

As this is a social media marketing and content collaboration app, it must work with various social networks. Actually, it does so. There are lots of similar tools that cannot post on Instagram directly. GainApp is capable of doing via Buffer. Similarly, it can post on other platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. More importantly, it is capable of dealing with unlimited social media accounts. You will be able to see, filter, organize, and post all the contents from a single dashboard.

GainApp Discount & Pricing

There is no need to think about the price of GainApp. It is a completely affordable solution. Its monthly price is only $99 without any promo code. By paying this amount, you will be able to add up to 10 users. After that, an additional $10 should be paid for each additional user. You can add as many approvers as you need. To approve contents, calendars are very useful. You can create unlimited content calendars. GainApp is capable of working with unlimited social media channels. Similarly, it allows unlimited schedule posts. Some of the posts may have media files and other files. This software has a storage facility for those files.

Therefore, please purchase the software for social media content & collaboration for agencies with our coupon. For any query about GainApp discount please contact us.