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Funnel Messenger Discount

There are different ways of communicating with the website visitors. You can use the power of Facebook to communicate with them. In doing so, the Funnel Messenger can be used. This is a Facebook approved tool to communicate with every website visitor with ease.

Funnel Messenger Review and Features

All of us know that the visitors are very much important for every website. Getting a huge traffic can be done in many ways. But, you have to get in touch with them to make them more profitable. People use mainly the email campaigns for this task. Funnel Messenger comes with a new and effective way to do so. This software helps to connect with them via Facebook Messenger. You will be able to send them any notification and news very easily then. This process is even more effective than the traditional email marketing. Avail the effective functionalities of FM with our discount. Simply refer to the FM image and grab the Funnel Messenger coupon. Here are some major features of this software:

Build Unlimited Lists

Funnel Messenger will automatically add the website visitors into your Facebook Messenger list. An important thing is, this software is capable of generating unlimited lists. You will be able to deal with all these lists in a similar manner. They can also be treated differently. After generating a bulk Messenger subscriber, there will be no need to depend on any email campaign. It will let you broadcast a message instantly to every subscriber. It is fact that, the Facebook message opening rate is far bigger than the email opening rate. For this reason, your campaigns will become successful in a quick time.

Funnel Messenger

Supports All Sites

You may have different types of personal blogs, eCommerce stores, and other websites. Funnel Messenger can work with all these sites very efficiently. This software can also deal with the page builders. This software will allow you to create some checkboxes. These boxes can be added anywhere in a website or web page. Whenever a visitor will click on that box, he will automatically be added to your Messenger List. Funnel Messenger comes with a video tutorial. A newbie can watch that video to become an expert in no time.

Funnel Messenger Pricing and Discount

Funnel Messenger comes with two different plans. One of these is the Standard Plan. This one is capable of dealing with only 250 campaigns. In every month, this software will allow you to send maximum 100K messages. As per 26 January 2018, this license is available for only $17 without the discount. My recommendation is to go for the Agency Plan of this software. It can be accessed by paying only $27 per month. There is no limit of sending messages. And more importantly, Funnel Messenger Agency Plan is able to work with unlimited Messenger campaigns. The price of both these plans will increase in a short time. For this reason, it is better to purchase any of these licenses as soon as possible.

Therefore, please use our coupon to purchase the software that will let you convert the website visitors to FB messenger leads. For any more information on the Funnel Messenger discount, please contact us.