Freshservice Discount | Special Coupon in 2021 on Plans

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Freshservice Discount

Nowadays, different types of service based companies are very much popular. An IT service management software is required for managing these companies easily. The Freshworks Company comes with a top quality IT service management solution named Freshservice. It has achieved a big popularity for its amazing features and pricing plans.

Quick Review of the Freshservice

In an IT based industry, it is very important to provide an IT service management facility. Different customers can raise different issues. You have to solve these issues as soon as possible. This task can be done manually if the number of customers is very small. But, in the case of a big number of customers. It is very difficult to provide IT services to them without taking help from a reliable management software. In this situation, Freshservice is a top quality solution. It comes with so many features and facilities. Enjoy the cool FS features and facilities with our discount. See the FS image and grab the Freshservice coupon.

Incident Management

Any customer can raise a ticket any time via different ways like emails, phones, and in person. Freshservice provides a top quality incident management program to deal with these tickets. It can resolve these tickets as quickly as possible. The SLA management is another great feature of this product. This built in tool can generate and set various SLA policies. That is why, it will be possible to complete a task within the deadline. It also helps to find out some tickets, which required more priority. Freshservice is capable of storing a ticket solution as an article. That means it can increase its knowledge base. Whenever a similar ticket will be there, this knowledge base will help you to solve that very quickly.


Advanced Automation

Freshservice has an advanced automation facility. This software can automatically perform some tasks done by you. For example, it can automatically categorize the tickets into different groups. Among these tickets, it can give more priority to some items as per your previous works. Normally, an IT service center contains a group of people. That is why, Freshservice has a built in team management facility. You will be able to assign different tickets to different users very easily with it.

Freshservice Discount, Plans and Pricing

Like all the other products of Freshworks Company, this software also comes with multiple plans. The Blossom Plan of this product is available for only $19/agent/month excluding the discount. It has some basic features like incident management, knowledge base, and automation. To get some additional features, you have to purchase the Garden Plan. It can be accessed by paying only $49/agent/month. It comes with the asset management, service catalog, and domain whitelisting facilities. Freshservice Estate is available for only 79 USD/agent/month. It comes with more features and facilities. For different enterprises, the Forest Plan is offered. As per this post creating time, it is available for only 99 USD/agent/month. IP whitelisting is one of the best features of it.

So, please grab the ITSM software with our coupon in 2021. We hope, the Freshservice discount will satisfy your budget.