Formilla Coupon: Special Discount on Live Chat Software in 2021

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Formilla Coupon

Formilla Review and Features

Formilla is a program that can help users to stay active in the website form background. It has a lot of features and one of them is the live chat. Users can do live chat with the visitors. They can do interactive live chat with the visitors and know the visitors well. Users can send emails to the visitor offline per month in order to follow up with the visitors. Overall, Formilla can help to actively help the visitors and also turn the visitors into the regular customers. Enjoy all the functionalities of the live chat software with our discount coupon. The Formilla discount is going to be really useful.

Important Abilities

Formilla has a lot of abilities. Some of the most important abilities have been discussed here. Users can do live chat with more than one visitor at the same time by this tool. It is quite logical there can be more than one visitor in the website at the same time. So if the visitors want to ask questions, users need to converse with the visitors, so here this application will to converse with the visitors simultaneously. Conversing with the visitors will allow the users to know which product is most demanding in the market and they can keep the product in the recommended list in the widget.

The chat widget of Formilla has been designed with a lot of features. Users can talk in multiple language in the chat widgets. Just to say as an example, if the visitor is not a native speaker of your country, you can simply change the language and talk with them.


The widget of the chat box has a lot of colors to offer it means users can change the color of the chat box widgets. Users can chat with the visitors from their mobile phone. Users can know what are the needs of the visitors and how can it be solved. Having a mobile phone will help the users to continuously converse with the visitors. So that the problems of the visitors can be solved by the users from anywhere. Users can do chatting from iPhone, iPad, this program also supports the devices from android phone. The upgrade of this application is provided with no extra charge. So it can be useful for the users.

Monitor The Visitors

Formilla offers the users to monitor the visitors tightly and see the movement of the visitors. Users can analyze the movement of the visitors and then they can figure out how to help the visitors. They can also figure what is the first thing that the majority of visitors do after logging in.

Formilla Coupon and Pricing Plans

Formilla has 2 different packages. The premium package of this tool has been priced at only 11.99 dollars without the promo code. The premium plus package of this tool has been priced at only 16.99 dollars for the users. So it is quite affordable.

Hence, please get the live chat software by using our discount. We believe that the Formilla coupon is going to give you a good product experience.