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Different types of contents are used for attracting more customers and clients. It is a fact that the cinemagraphs can be used for attracting so many people. But still, these contents are not commonly used by all the marketers. So, you can take advantage of this opportunity. FlickGraph is a powerful tool for this task. It can easily generate different types of eye catching cinemagraphs. Therefore, get the 3D cinemagraph creator & editing software with discount and have the FlickGraph coupon.

Small Review of the FlickGraph

A normal text post cannot attract so many visitors very easily. Instead of that, a normal image can get more attention. On many websites nowadays, you will see some videos. Though the videos are high converting, these can make a website slow loading. To solve this problem, cinemagraphs are used in many sites. These are actually some images with some repeated movements. Due this these movements, a cinemagraph has the potential to convert more than an ordinary image does. Unfortunately, there are only a few solutions, which can generate these contents. FlickGraph is one of these few tools. Some major features and Flickgraph review has been mentioned below:

Grab Attention Quickly

FlickGraph is a solution which is created by considering a fact regarding Facebook. This social media said that the users normally spend less than 3 seconds to watch a content on Facebook. That means, you have to create such contents, which can use this little time to grab the attention of so many users. If a content is a large video or text, that will be that much effective. FlickGraph is capable of generating some cinemagraph which will require only 1.7 to 2.5 seconds to be fully exposed. That is why, there is no need to work with any conventional long-form video. And, these cinemagraphs are able to grab more attention than even a professional image.

flickgraph discount

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Very Easy Process

Though this solution is a powerful one, it is not difficult to use at all. Even a newbie can use this one without any problem. First of all, you have to choose a video and important that to FlickGraph. From that video, this software will generate a cinemagraph. For this reason, you have to select a still frame form that. For doing this task, this software offers a slider, which is very easy to use. From that still picture, it is very easy to erase some portion. To that erased section, this software will automatically add the necessary motion loop. FlickGraph is capable of working with any kind of videos. Even, you can capture one by using your phone and just use that instantly.

Get Free Traffic

There are some paid traffic solutions. And, the costs of these solutions are very high. After purchasing FlickGraph, you can forget these paid solutions. This product is capable of generating some viral cinemagraphs. These contents can be posted on Facebook, websites, blogs, and eCommerce stores. Even, you can add these inside any emails. By this manner, these contents will bring more viral traffic without any cost. This software has opened a door to establish a new brand or a new business. As social media have a craze on cinemagraphs, you can take this chance to establish your brand. One A/B testing campaign has found that still photos are less converting than these motion contents on Facebook. Not only Facebook users, but also the Twitter user like to watch these motion images. This software can store any output as a GIF file. Hence, that can be used anytime further.

flickgraph image and review

FlickGraph Discount and Pricing

After considering all these features, anyone can think that FlickGraph might be a costly solution. This software was available for 197 USD only. But, as per 27 October 2017, this product is offered for only 67 USD without any promo code offer. And, this is the one-time payment for this product. There is a money back guarantee for this FlickGraph. You can enjoy this facility for 30 days. This software is not a cloud based solution. You can download and install this on your Windows or Mac computer very easily. That means, there is no need for the internet connection to use FlickGraph. One license of this software can be installed on two different computers. This facility literally has cut the price of this product into half.

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