Filter Forge Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes January 2022

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Basic Edition for Windows

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Professional Edition for Windows

Professional Edition for Mac

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Studio Edition for Mac

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Filter Forge discount

A big number of people use Photoshop to edit and create amazing graphics. It is possible to create these contents more quickly by applying different effects and filters. Filter Forge is an impressive software that is able to create these effects and filters.

Filter Forge Review

Photoshop is regularly used by so many professional graphic designers. But, all these professionals do not know about additional tools that help create stunning design effects and textures. But, these tools are capable of making any project easier and more effective. Filter Forge is one of these tools that allows creating impressive effects very easily. It comes with lots of prebuilt filters, a new filter creating option, and tons of components. Get the plugin with our discount easily. Grab the Filter Forge coupon now.

Access More Filters

Actually, Filter Forge is already used by so many users. These people have created tons of effects and textures. Other users are allowed to access their collections very easily. This feature is very important if a user wants to start and finish a campaign in no time. It also allows to create new filters with ease. Each filter may contain different textures, effects, frames, and backgrounds. After adding all these things, you will be able to name that while saving. There is another great facility. Suppose, you have to create top quality filters that are liked by other users. Then, a free copy of Filter Forge will be sent. Though getting this opportunity is not so easy, but it is obviously a chance to show your creativity.

Filter Forge

New Features

The latest version of this software comes with several new features. Sometimes, users may need to back up their filters for the future projects. This tool is very helpful in doing so. The interface of this software is friendlier now. There are different tabs added there. So, you will be able to access different options and tools with ease. There is a component search option also. Just insert any term to find out relevant components in no time. Filter Forge is helpful for exporting to multiple render channels at a time. And, the latest version is speedier and more effective.

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User Created Filters

One of the most important things about Filter Forge is its huge collection of user-created filters. There are several other tools that come with hundreds of built-in filters. But, this software will never force you to deal with the same set of filters. A big number of users are using it all over the world. They are allowed to contribute to its library with new textures and effects. So, other users will be able to access these things. Another important thing is, Filter Forge allows every user to create own filters. It has a visual node-based editing tool. This tool is helpful in combining different textures, distortions, frames, backgrounds, and effects to create completely new filters.

Photoshop Plugin

Impressive Compatibility

Filter Forge is can be used as a standalone software. And, you can also use it as a plugin to Photoshop. There are some other tools where it can work as a plugin. Some of these tools are Paint Shop Pro and Affinity. It supports both the 32-bit and 64-bit host applications. Unlike other visual effect generators, this software allows to create several presets. You may need to add comments to these presets. That is why, it has a built in tool to create and add comments. Creating accurate texture maps is another great feature of Filter Forge. For this feature, you will be able to use its outputs on various 3D rendering engines, including Unreal and Unity3D. It helps convert old filters into new ones.

While using web browsers, we can open multiple tabs to visit multiple websites. That is why, we can save more time. Filter Forge also has this feature. That means, you can work with different projects on different tabs. So, there is no need to stack with the same project every time.

Filter Forge Discount and Pricing

Various editions of Filter Forge are available. The Basic Edition of this product can be bought by paying only $29 without any promo code. As it comes with only the core features, a big number of users like the Standard Edition. This one will allow you to modify any existing filter. And, it is suitable for generating own filters. Only $49 should be used for it. Similarly, its Professional Edition comes with more features. It supports Bitmaps that contain over 3000X3000 pixels. You will get an ability to stack filters with ease. Both the 32-bit and 16-bit image modes are supported by it. Its price is only USD 79. All these licenses of Filter Forge has a volume discount facility.

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