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If you run any kind of service based company, then it is very important to manage the employees and customers. Multiple tools can be used for maintaining these things. But, one single solution can perform all the important tasks. The name of this service business software is FieldPulse.

Features and Review of FieldPulse

Sometimes, a person can run a service business of his own. In that case, managing only customers is enough. But, more tasks should be done in the case where a team is needed to run a business. In that case, you have to assign different tasks to different members. Each of these members should be monitored. And then, all these tasks should be integrated to deliver a certain job. Similarly, communicating with customers is also very important. A powerful solution should be used to control all these things. FieldPulse is a useful solution for it. If you have liked the FieldPulse review, then please purchase with our discount. We hope you will love the amazing FieldPulse coupon.


Job Scheduling

One of the major features of FieldPulse is its job scheduling. Generally, we create schedules for own and employees when we are in the office. This software will help to do that with ease. At the same time, you will also be able to create schedules while you are outside the office. After dividing a large project into several small works, it is very important to assign those to employees. Sometimes, one work should be assigned to a single employee. And sometimes, you may need to assign that to multiple persons. In both cases, FieldPulse will be helpful. After assigning a work to a person, this software will automatically send him a notification. Before creating a schedule, you have to know which team members have a free slot to work in. This software will show you this very important data.

Accurate Cost Accounting

There are different ways to make a job more profitable. One of these ways is to know the cost regarding each job. Otherwise, you will not be able to track the actual profit. FieldPulse comes with a cost accounting facility. It creates an invoice containing every item needed for a job. Then, it will consider the cost of every item of that invoice. That is why, its calculation is accurate and reliable. There is no difficulty in calculating these costs. It can easily be controlled centrally. That means, you just have to set it once and apply to each invoice. Depending on the previous invoices, FieldPulse will give an idea of similar projects in the future. As this software allows to change the costs centrally, it will be very easy to update the cost regarding every item. Then, it will automatically apply updated prices in every invoice.

Employee Time Tracking

After purchasing FieldPulse, there is no need to buy an employee time tracking software separately. Its built-in time tracking tool is very powerful. Actually, it provides a separate time clocking tool, which is very important for employees. They will be able to clock-in on their devices with ease. Only a few taps will be required for this task. They will also be able to add some titles and notes to add some details. Location tags can also be added with ease. Then, managers will track the timesheets of employees very easily. They can do so by using location tags and other terms. That means, FieldPulse will help to monitor employees and to give suitable incentives to them. This software has an amazing GPS tracking system too.

FieldPulse review

Customer Communication

A business depends mostly on customers. You have to communicate with them in one way or another. Nowadays, business owners use multiple platforms for making customer communications. FieldPulse will let you do so with ease. It provides templates for SMSs and emails. You just have to customize these templates and communicate with customers with ease. Another important thing is, you don’t have to copy customer data and paste on templates. This software will automatically fill-up those data. FieldPulse is capable of dealing with unlimited emails and short messages.

FieldPulse Discount and Pricing

It is a fact that FieldPulse comes with lots of amazing features. But, this software is not a costly one. Rather, there are customizable licenses available for it. You have to decide the number of managers or service agent users. Depending on these numbers, the price will be charged. For every service agent user, only USD 10 should be paid per month. You can get this license for multiple agents. No team scheduling and service editing feature is available with this one. On the other hand, FieldPulse is available for managers also. Initially, this license should be bought by paying USD 39 per month without any promo code. Only one manager will be able to use this. After that, you have to pay only USD 20 for every additional manager user. An advanced team collaboration facility is added to it.

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