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EntityDAC Discount

Various types of elements are very much important for any database. For example, object-relational mapping is a very important one. It can be created for different database objects. Many people struggle to create these ORMs. EntityDAC is a strongly recommendable solution for creating these.

Review and Features of EntityDAC

There should not be any doubt that the Devart is a popular software company. Various types of database management tools are the main products of this company. Only a few other companies, provide some ORM generator tools like this company does. If you are looking for such a tool for generating various types of object-relational mapping, then my suggestion to depend on EntityDAC. For generating these ORMs, this software supports multiple development environments. Unlike many other similar tools, this one can be considered as an affordable solution. Avail the affordable solution with our discount. The EntityDAC coupon is going to be useful. It comes with following features and facilities:


Some Basic Facilities

Mainly, EntityDAC comes with some ORM and some Data-access related features. It is capable of using more useful logic. In doing so, it can use various objects. Sometimes, it can execute some multi-object actions. We know that, the encapsulation is very much important for all kinds of databases powered by Delphi. For this reason, this software supports the full encapsulation. Similarly, there are various associations like One-to-One, Many-to-Many, and One-to-Many. EntityDAC can work with all these associations very efficiently. There are some other tools, which can manage the entities for a particular period. But, this one is capable of managing those for a lifetime. It has a built in validation facility.

EntityDAC Discount and Impressive Pricing

Pricing is another important thing for EntityDAC. Just like the other products of Devart, this one comes with different pricing options. For example, you have to pay only $149.95 to purchase the Single Standard License of this product. A Team License of this edition can also be bought. In that case, only $379.95 should be paid excluding the discount. Similarly, its Site License is available for only 649 USD. EntityDAC has a strongly recommendable Professional Edition. According to this post creating time, this one can be bought by paying only 249.95 USD. This edition is also available with the source code. To get this one, only 399.95 USD should be paid. There are different renewal and upgrade facilities for these products.

Some Professional Features

From my above discussion, it is very easy to understand that the Professional Edition is more costly. It is costly because, it provides more features and facilities. For example, this software will allow you to generate and drop and entire database with ease. It also provides a design-time live binding facility. TEntityTable and TEntityQuery are very important as a Data-Aware component. These components are added to the EntityDAC Professional. This software is more helpful for generating various kinds of LINQ queries.

So, please have the powerful framework with our coupon. Hopefully, you are going to enjoy the EntityDAC discount.