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Entity Developer Discount

For dealing with the data of incompatible types, it is necessary to use an ORM designer tool. There are only a few companies providing these products. Devart is one of these companies. It provides Entity Developer for this task. This ORM designer provides a big list of important features.

Features and Review of Entity Developer

Object-relational mapping is a very useful technique of dealing with some incompatible data types. Your databases can be created by using different platforms. And sometimes, you may need to work with all these databases of different platforms. It is not a good idea to manually convert each of these files into a suitable format. Instead, my recommendation is to use Devart Entity Developer. This solution can work with the databases of various platforms. It is fast and effective. Avail the fast and effective ED features with our discount. Simply follow the ED image steps and grab the Entity Developer coupon.

Multi-platform Support

It is very important for an ORM designer tool to work with multiple platforms. Entity Developer is such a powerful designer. That is why it can work with so many platforms, including ADO.NET, NHibernate, and LinqConnect, etc. After buying this solution, there is no need to depend on other solutions to convert any file from LINQ to SQL. There are some other similar tools. The most of these tools can work with a limited number of entities in a model. Entity Developer, on the other hand, can deal with unlimited entities in a model. That means, you can work with any database of any size.

Entity Developer

Some Custom Templates

Sometimes, you may not have the time to design some databases manually. To overcome these situations, Entity Developer provides some predefined templates. These are ready to be used. Some custom templates are also added to this product. You will be allowed to customize each of these templates with ease. A reverse engineering facility is also added to this product. That means, you can turn back to a previous position of a database designing anytime. Similarly, this solution is very much effective for all kinds of schema modelling.

Entity Developer Discount and Pricing

Different editions of Entity Developer are available. Among all these, Express Edition is the free one. This product offers some basic features, but does not provide any template. NHibernate edition of this software is available for only $199.95 excluding the discount. This one is capable of working with NHibernate platform. If you want to design some databases with the Entity Framework only, then you have to purchase the Entity Framework edition. In this case, only 199.95 USD should be paid as per 8 January 2017. Similarly, LINQ to SQL edition of this product is available for only $99.95. If you want to work with all these platforms, then Entity Developer Professional edition is suitable. The cost of this edition is only 299.95 USD. Each of these editions has an attractive volume discount facility.

Therefore, grab the cool ORM model designer with our coupon. We have introduced the Entity Developer discount to make the purchase easier for you.