Email List Verify Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes January 2022

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Email List Verify discount

Email marketing campaign is still one of the best online marketing methods. Before starting such a campaign, it is essential to verify your list. This task can easily be done with Email List Verify.

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It is possible to create email lists by using various tools. But, the most of these tools do not have a built-in verifier. So, you have to buy such a tool separately. Otherwise, no campaign will bring the desired result. Our suggestion is to use Email List Verify for this task. This software has already been used by a big number of users. Get the product cheaply with our amazing discount. Grab the Email List Verify coupon now.

Check Various Factors

Email List Verify is capable of checking various factors from every email address. First of all it will check the ISPs. Sometimes, we see that the email addresses contain expired domains. Some invalid and parked domains can also be there. And sometimes, a list may contain a big number of invalid accounts. All these accounts will be validated by this software very quickly. When a marketer works with a campaign, there can be various spam traps. These traps can make that marketer a spammer even if he does not want to be. Email List Verify will efficiently check these traps. This feature will improve the reputation score of yours. This software can easily find out trash or temporary emails. That means, your list will contain only the valid and actual addresses.

Email List Verify

Duplicates Remover Features

Almost every email marketer faces some common problems. Duplicate entries can be considered as one of the common problems. These entries make a list bigger, but less effective. Email List Verify is capable of detecting duplicate entries. It will also remove duplicates automatically. Another important thing is, sometimes visitors of a website make some mistakes while inserting a syntax to their addresses. This software will instantly inform the visitors whenever they make such errors. And, it will also check the syntax errors in your lists. The hard bounce checker is another great feature of this software. It sends an undetectable verification message to every email address to check its validity. Hence, there will be a very tiny bounce rate.

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Highlights of the Application

Email List Verify provides 100 email verification for free so that users can verify all the correct emails for the business. Users can run multiple email campaigns in order to bring a return of income so that users can scale up the profit. Users can filter out and do not send spam emails and users can send selected emails to verify emails only which will help users to increase a 100 percent open rate. It cleans out the spam faster in order to clean up the whole spam emails. In that way, users will run totally calculated campaigns that will maximize the conversion rate.

It will also increase the reputation score so that users can build better brand value as well.  It will also help users stay away from adding duplicate emails to the site. Email List Verify will help to clean up the data from all the duplicate emails and clean out the spam emails. It will help to decrease 20 percent of emails not opening rates. So that users can reach more potential customers and drive more sales to the business faster and drive profit very easily without any issue.

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Domain Checker

Email List Verify allows the users to check the domains of email and make sure that all the domains are valid and none of the emails are fake. It identifies the future emails, the emails that can be disposed of straight away and users can increase the open rate of the site. Increasing open rates of emails helps to conduct better email campaigns and drive a lot of sales at a faster pace very easily. It also has a syntax email checker so that users remove invalid syntax very easily.

Email List Verify helps users to check the email bounce checker faster. Users will see how effective their email campaign is and how many emails are sent successfully to the site. Users can integrate email services with the application very seamlessly.

Email List Verify Discount and Pricing

One of the biggest advantages of Email List Verify is its customizable pricing facility. You have to pay depending on the number of emails to be checked. Let, a customer may need to check only 1 thousand addresses. In that case, only $4 should be paid. To check 5 thousand emails, only $15 will be the price without any promo code. That means, the cost per mail will be decreased. Similarly, it is possible to deal with 10 million email addresses by using Email List Verify. In that case, your cost will be only USD 3290. Its license includes an API. And, this software is capable of working with various email services. Some of these are MailerLite, MailChimp, and ContantCotact, etc.

Therefore, purchase the product with our coupon in 2021 and enjoy the email verification and validation services easily. Hopefully the Email List Verify discount will make you happy.