eFax Review & Pricing Plan

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eFax contains many facilities that can be helpful for anyone who is struggling to make money online. The software is a fast-paced fax service that allows sending a fax to clients faster and easier fashion. It has lifetime storage included that allows storing of all the data in one place. eFax has many premium features that include a free mobile fax app and a free toll number included with it.


eFax Review

eFax allows receiving any fax easily, sign them and sent to the destination at a given time. You can establish credibility by providing fax numbers in the nearby area of the customers. Since eFax is completely electronic-based, there is no need of using any kind of the fax machine at all. The software has the flexibility to send the fax from anywhere that includes the computer, tablet and other devices as well. As a result, sending faxes from one place to another is much easier with this application. It also comes with international calls included. The software allows you to add the number that includes the local number and international number as well. AS a result, you can choose and receive calls from locally and internationally from one central place.

Highlights of the Application

Regarding adding the signature to the files, it is also easier to do with this tool. You can choose to add the signature manually with this application from saved ones or even you can choose to swipe your screen and make your signature online straight at the moment. As a result, there is a lot of flexibility of work included with this tool. You can simply drag and drop signatures from your saved ones and add signatures very easily. eFax comes with a free mobile application that allows adding a signature from the mobile app with ease. The sign can be done from a phone or even tablet as well.

eFax review

Online File Sharing

eFax has an online file sharing option that allows sharing of the data of the file almost straight away.  You can share the fax through the tablet, phone and other devices as well. As a result, you have the option to pick and choose the kind of service you want. You can also share the data from a google drive and iCloud as well very easily. It has enhanced security included with this tool. It has proper encryption included so that you can keep the data secured. You will get a completely secured hosting service.

Pricing Plans of eFax

eFax has 2 different packages for a monthly package. The plus package is priced at only 16.95 dollars. The pro package is priced at only 19.95 dollars. It has an annual package of eFax plus that is priced at only 14.13 dollars per month. The pro package is priced at only 16.63 dollars at the moment.