Edraw Floor Plan Maker Discount: Exclusive Coupon and Pricing

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Edraw Floor Plan Maker

Nowadays, as the population increases, more and more houses and buildings are being created. However, to attract customers into purchasing a house, a suitable and convenient flooring plan is required. Manually drawing the blueprints for buildings’ floor is not impossible, but it is extremely time consuming. Therefore, to enhance the process and allow an efficient workflow, the software Edraw Floor Plan Maker is available.

Review of Edraw Floor Plan Maker

The Floor Plan Maker tool delivers unique building designs, and floor templates that are already created and available for the users. Enjoy all the cool services provided by EFPM with our discount. Grab the Edraw Floor Plan Maker coupon today. The software consists of multiple number of tools along with instructional guides which are elaborately discussed in the next sections:

Effective Tools

Edraw Floor Plan Maker provides numerous kinds of tools to create a graphical representation of the blueprints. Majority of the symbols for various parts of the floor are already premade for the users to choose from. And with the select tool provided, users can easily drag each object and lay it to design their floor. The symbols available for creating floor blueprints are customizable in many ways. The symbols can be expanded to make it look bigger, and by shrinking, it can be made smaller. If the user wishes to create their own object, they can certainly do so by using this software.


Planning Options and Guides

Users who are very new to using software like Edraw Floor Plan Maker can access the software’s guide. The guide provides users with procedural steps on how to implement each symbols effectively and rightfully. The Basic Settings delivers users with a brief explanation on how to set the walls, and dimensions properly. Furthermore, there are instructions provided for each symbol along with their meaning and ways to apply it on the diagram. Premade samples include floor planning of an entire house, office buildings, bedroom and more. Advance options such as adding pipes and electrical cables are also available for implementation. After completing all the drawings and blueprints, users can save their files in various formats like PDF, HTML etc.

Edraw Floor Plan Maker Discount and Price Plans

Edraw Floor Plan Maker has three kinds of licenses: Perpetual, Lifetime, and Subscription. Perpetual plan provides upgrades for a period of three years, and is purchasable for $179 excluding the discount. Edraw Floor Plan Maker’s license with Subscription is available for $99, and has $5.75 fee every month. Lastly, Lifetime plan, for a price of $245, provides users with upgrade without any limits and forever. All the packages give access to all two hundred and eighty diagrams without restrictions.

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