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eCover Graphics Pro Discount

If you want to sell some digital goods online, it is necessary to use some attractive covers. These eCovers can be generated with the help of some software or tools. eCover Graphics Pro can be suggested for creating these things.

Review of eCover Graphics Pro

An eye-catching cover can increase the sales of many products. Many product producers cannot generate these covers. They depend on some professional to do so. Hiring a professional is very much costly. That is why, some people use some tools to generate these eCovers. If you want to do so, then my recommendation is to use eCover Graphics Pro. This is a complete package of all kinds of eCover designs. This one can be used for dealing with all kinds of digital goods. Avail the cool eCGP features with our discount. The eCover Graphics Pro coupon is going to be available upon following the eCGP image features. The main features and facilities of this package are as follows:

eCover Graphics Pro

Customizable Templates

Instead of dealing with the same template, it is better to use different templates for different products. eCover Graphics Pro comes with total 110 eCover templates. A very high quality is maintained in each of these items. You will be allowed to add various designs in a single template. This solution comes with 60 eye-catching designs, which can be applied very easily. While customizing a template, it is possible to choose various colors and images. Similarly, you are allowed to use different kinds of fonts to write the texts. Every element in a cover can be moved very easily among that cover. All these features of eCover Graphics Pro will ensure a high converting output.

Ease of Use

Each of the templates of this solution is created with the Adobe Photoshop. That means, you will get the PSD files of these items. For this reason, each of these can be edited very easily. This solution allows to save a same template into different formats. That is why, a design can be used in different projects. eCover Graphics Pro does not provide any duplicated content. Each of its design is unique and effective. This solution comes with some eye-catching backgrounds too. These backgrounds can make any output more attractive.

eCover Graphics Pro Pricing and Discount

To purchase eCover Graphics Pro, you don’t have to go pay its regular price. Its regular price is $67. But, as of 26 February 2018, this product can be accessed by paying $17.15 only excluding the discount. That means, it is the right time to grab this solution. There are several things associated its license. You may know about some tools, which can generate some covers for publishing some online books. eCover Graphics Pro will let you use these books for all kinds of online and offline books and other goods. This solution also allows to use the covers for the products of your clients. That means, it comes with the developer or agency rights.

Hence, get the amazing templates for book cover design with our coupon, providing as alternative of bonus. We believe that you are going to enjoy the eCover Graphics Pro discount.