eCom Turbo Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes December 2021

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Get eCom Turbo discount as 25% cash back on purchasing any plan. Applies for any plan: Standard, Pro or Unlimited.

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eCom Turbo discount

Various WordPress themes are out there. An ordinary theme is not able to generate Shopify stores. You have to purchase a specialized theme for generating these sites. Our suggestion is to go for the eCom Turbo. It will let you create all kinds of Shopify stores.

eCom Turbo Review and Features

It is a fact that a big number of companies provide Shopify themes. But, the most of these companies have never used Shopify stores. They just create such products for their customers. As they do not use Shopify, their products contain unnecessary elements. And, several important elements cannot be found in their items. So, you have to purchase a theme for Shopify stores from a company that are experienced in running these stores. eCom Turbo is a great theme for all kinds of stores of that platform. It comes with a big number of features and facilities. If you are happy with the review please purchase the product with our discount. Grab the eCom Turbo coupon now.

eCom Turbo

Custom Homepage Features

The homepage of a site is very important for attracting more customers. Your website homepage should have an eye-catching design. And, that should fit your store. eCom Turbo comes with a custom homepage facility. It will give you full control over the homepage. You will be able to change the layout, color, titles and other properties with ease. There are various powerful themes that make websites very slow-loading. Visitors become disturbed when a website loads slowly. eCom Turbo will never cause this problem. This theme will ensure that the website will load in less than 3 seconds. A research has suggested that if a website takes 3 seconds or more than that loses 40% sales. Your site will never lose this big amount. More profits will be ensured by this theme.

Conversion Boosters Facilities

Attracting or driving a big traffic to a site is not the only important thing. You have to convert them into customers. There are different conversion boosters to deal with it. Generally, site owners purchase these tools manually. After purchasing eCom Turbo, you don’t have to purchase these tools separately. The team of this product has spent a big time to generate effective conversion boosters. Then, they have attached these boosters to the theme. That is why, your site will automatically convert more visitors into customers. For an example, eCom Turbo comprises of a built-in email collector.

You can offer amazing offers and discount to the customers. No extra coupon code needed for the WordPress theme. When, they will try to grab that opportunity, they will be asked their email addresses by the email collector. In this manner, you will get a big number of subscribers and email addresses.

Scarcity Timer Options

Marketers purchase scarcity timers to their webpages by purchasing premium tools. But, you don’t have to purchase such tools anymore. eCom Turbo comes with a built in scarcity timer. It will psychologically trigger the customer’s mind to grab your offers. Sometimes, marketers have to deal with codes for creating and adding these timers to their pages. This theme will help doing so with just a few clicks. No coding is required for this task. Even, the footer of a page is effective for attracting more customers. eCom Turbo helps maintaining a clean and converting footer. That footer will ensure more conversions and more sales.

eCom Turbo review

Profit Boosting Cart

Websites may have various types of buttons. Each of these buttons can easily be customized with eCom Turbo. For example, you can easily customize the cart button for more conversions. Similarly, social share buttons can also be customized very easily. Various trust badges make a good impressions on a customer’s mind. You will be able to add these badges on suitable places of every page. This theme helps getting more Instagram profits from your websites. Sometimes, customers do not want to get a product from a new website if that is not bought by others. That is why, eCom Turbo often shows notifications for every purchase. So, new visitors will see those notifications and may decide to purchase their copies.

eCom Turbo Discount and Pricing

Three licenses of this theme are available. The Standard License is suitable for generating only one Shopify store. This one can be bought by paying a one-time fee of $97 without any promo code. It is suitable for personal projects only. Sometimes, a professional may need to work with multiple sites. The Pro License of eCom Turbo is suitable for him. It is capable of generating 3 Shopify stores. You just have to pay $127 as its one-time fee. Similarly, the Unlimited License can be bought by paying only USD 147. This one can create unlimited stores. Its actual fee is USD 297. But now, it is available for an attractive promo price. All these licenses of eCom Turbo come with a comprehensive theme training facility. Sometimes, marketers may need a proper ecommerce training. Such a training facility is added to this solution also.

Need to mention that the above pricing is for one-time purchase only. You do not need to pay every year for them.

Hence, please purchase the product cheaply with our coupon in 2021. For any information about eCom Turbo discount, please contact with us.