EasyVSL Discount in 2021: Get Coupon for the Video Making Tool

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EasyVSL coupon

Though there are various types of video makers, all these solutions are not suitable for generating explainer videos. Similarly, only a few of these tools help creating slideshows. To create these marketing contents, EasyVSL is a suitable solution.

Features and Review of EasyVSL

Instead of purchasing a conventional video making solution, a marketer should buy a software that will actually help him run his projects. But, only a few explainer video making tools are offered to marketers. Among these solutions, EasyVSL is a very popular one. This solution is very easy to use. Newcomers often look for an affordable software for their campaigns. This software is an affordable one. Tons of important features are offered by it. Get the video creator with our discount. Grab the EasyVSL coupon now.

Create Unlimited Contents

In most of the cases, we see that a slideshow generating tool can create only a few contents. That is why, this kind of tool is not suitable for working with multiple projects. EasyVSL is not such an ordinary solution. It allows to create unlimited outputs. That means, you will be able to generate as many slideshows and explainer videos as needed. It does not offer a difficult way to create these things. You just have to upload the necessary script and voiceover. Then, it will do the rest. Generally, we spend several hours to create one top quality video presentation. But, this one will take only a few seconds to do so. There is no need to insert necessary slides after a video presentation is generated. EasyVSL will do this task very easily. And, it will create each and every necessary slide automatically.


Amazing Slide Templates

Customizable template is one of the best features of this solution. It does not provide rigid templates. Rather, you will be able to select a color, background image, and a suitable layout. Other properties can also be selected before getting a useful template. After selecting all these things, you will get the desired template. The library of EasyVSL comes with 75 amazing templates. Another important thing is you are allowed to upload your own templates with ease. The audio and voice over sync will be done by this solution automatically. And after that, you just have to upload the output to a suitable destination. All these tasks can be done by completing only a few easy steps offered by EasyVSL.

Artificial Intelligence Facility

As we mentioned that you do not have to sync any voice over manually, you may think that EasyVSL may not do that efficiently. Actually, this solution has an artificial intelligence. It includes a top quality speech recognition system. It sets the running time of all the slides of a presentation. And then, it divides your voice over suitably for each slide. So, audiences will enjoy each presentation. When marketers create their presentations or explainer videos, they often prefer to add a video of demo products. This task can easily be done by using EasyVSL. Just drag the necessary video and drop that into this solution. It also helps to mix and match different videos with your content. It works with videos captured with any camera.

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Two technologies have made EasyVSL more effective. It provides the Speech-to-Text (STT) technology to convert your speech into a text very easily. You just have to talk normally to this solution. And, it will convert that into speech that can be added to video slides with ease. Similarly, this solution has a Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology. Sometimes, you may not want to use your voice to create voiceovers. In such cases, EasyVSL will convert any text into a suitable voiceovers. There are several voices recorded there. Any of these voices can be used for any project. Various types of graphics are very useful for all kinds of presentations and explainer videos. Over one million graphics are added to this solution. These royalty free graphics are suitable for working with all kinds of projects.

EasyVSL review

EasyVSL Discount and Pricing

Some people may need to get this solution only for a few days or months. The monthly plan is suitable for them. You can get it by paying only USD 97 once without any promo code. And then, you have to pay only USD 9.99 per month as per 2019. But, professional marketers may need EasyVSL for years. Another license is offered to them. This one can be bought by spending only USD 197 per year. Both these licenses have a money back guarantee. You will be able to enjoy this guarantee for 30 days after purchasing the license. There are various other solutions that may help in generating explainer videos and presentations. EasyVSL does those very efficiently. Along with that, it is able to create profitable sales letters in just seconds. So, you don’t have to depend on other tools for creating sales letters anymore.

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