EasyCron Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes December 2021

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EasyCron discount

People consider cron jobs very difficult. But, with the help of a suitable cron service, these things can be completed very easily. EasyCron is a very popular web cron service. This solution is affordable also.

Review of EasyCron

While working with cron jobs, people often download and install various software or tools. As these tools are installed in their computers, they cannot use other devices to work with cron jobs. That is why, we suggest a cron service that allows users to complete cron jobs by using web programs. The name of that service is EasyCron. This solution comes with tons of important features and facilities. If you are happy with the review, purchase with our discount. Grab the EasyCron coupon now.

Various Expressions

EasyCron is capable of working with almost all kinds of popular Cron expressions. These expressions are used in various Cron implementations. Some of their examples are Vixie Cron, Cronie, and Quartz Java Scheduler, etc.  Sometimes, users face several problems while specifying the execution time. This solution supports multiple ways to specify this thing. You are allowed to do so by cron expressions, by choosing manually, and by interval. When a job will be running, you may need to get notifications for various events. EasyCron has a built in email notification system. It allows every user to set their email notification conditions. Notifications will be sent depending on these conditions. For every Cron job, the execution time should be predicted. You don’t have to face any difficulty while dealing with that. This software has a built in tool for the execution time prediction.


Failure Logs

Each time, job executions may not be successful. It is necessary to keep the failure log. You don’t have to do that manually. This solution is capable of doing that with ease. After that, you can easily check the log anytime. For every cron job, a customizable HTTP header can be created also. Along with email notifications, EasyCron is able to convey webhook as notifications. There is no need to work in a specific time zone. You can easily set the time zone as per yours.

EasyCron Discount & Pricing

One free plan and four paid plans of EasyCron are available for individuals. Its Free Plan is suitable for only 200 EPDs or executions per day. Professional users needs to deal with more executions. That is why, the Starter License is a recommendable one. It can be bought by paying only USD 12 per year without any promo code. It supports 4000 EPDs. You have to pay only USD 24 per year to enjoy its Plus Plan. It supports 8000 EPDs. The Max Plan is available for only USD 60 per year. This one can work with 24000 executions per day. Similarly, EasyCron Zen License is available for only 60000 EPDs. This one can be bought by paying only USD 120 per year. There are five plans for enterprises. Each of these plans is affordable also.

Hence, please get the software for online cron service using our coupon. If the review has everything you are looking for then purchase with our EasyCron discount.