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Avail E-goi coupon as 20% cash back on any Subscription plan or Pay-as-you-go plan. The cashback is payable on your 1st Invoice only.

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Nowadays, marketing automation platforms are very much popular. But, all the marketing platforms are not equally reliable. If you are looking for a newbie friendly, marketing automation platform, then E-goi is a great solution.

Review and Features of E-goi

Even a simple email marketing campaign has various important steps. If a marketer wants to complete these steps manually, he may need to spend several hours. There is another way to complete these steps. He can purchase multiple tools to complete these tasks. In that case, he may need to spend thousands of dollars. We suggest to use E-goi to solve both these issues. This marketing automation and email marketing software is very easy to use. And, at the same time, it is an affordable one too. Lots of important features are offered by this solution. Purchase the product with our coupon and enjoy all the amazing features. Grab the E-goi discount now.

Contact Management Process

For all kinds of marketing campaigns, contact management is a very important task. Marketers generally purchase various tools to complete this task. E-goi has a very impressive contact management program that can perform various important operations. It offers various opt-in forms to collect new subscribers. When a new subscriber will be there, this solution will automatically add him to your database. Similarly, it will automatically remove unsubscribers. Lots of smart management features are added in this solution too. For example, this software is capable of removing all kinds of invalid and duplicate entries from your contact list. It does the same with the mobile number lists. That means, E-goi will provide a clean list for every project. That is why, your projects will become more effective.


Editable Mail Templates

Sending different occasional newsletter to the subscribers is very important. These newsletters create an amazing impact in their minds about your companies and brands. There is no need to depend on another solution to generate and send these mails. E-goi comes with a big number of newsletter templates. Each of these templates is editable. Actually, you will get the power to create the templates. Before that, you need to select a suitable layout. And then, creating a template will be very easy. A built in campaign editor is there. It will let you add various texts, designs, videos, images, and other contents. Every newsletter will look very professional. E-goi is also helpful for sending tons of SMS. It offers an amazing automation facility to deal with such campaigns.

A/B Testing Facility

While working with various email marketing campaigns, the A/B testing is very much important. This type of test helps to find out more profitable campaigns in a quick time. E-goi comes with an excellent A/B testing program. People can create different campaigns with the help of various tools. But, only a few tools are able to optimize these campaigns. The A/B testing facility helps optimizing every campaign with ease. This solution will let you create multiple version of every emailing campaign. Then, you will be able to judge the potential success level of each of these versions. So, it will very easy to choose the most profitable one. E-goi provides various important data with every report. For example, it will provide the data regarding opening rates, click rates, and conversion rates, etc.

E-goi review

E-goi Coupon and Pricing

There are various subscription plans for E-goi. And, it also has a pay-as-you-go option. So, you just have to choose the correct one for your projects. The Starter Plan is one of its subscription plans. It can be bought by paying only $22.50 per month without the promo code. This one supports 2500 contacts and 25 thousand messages per month. These messages can be emails and push messages. You will be able to send 50 SMSs per month by using it. The Pro License of this solution can be enjoyed by paying only $89.10 per month. It supports 100 thousand messages and 10 thousand contacts. E-goi allows every user to create their own plan. In that case, the pay-as-you-go license is suitable. You have to pay only USD 0.00312 for per email or push message. Similarly, a specific charge should be given for every transaction mail, SMS, and voice message.

The Ecommerce Analysis

Engaging customers is very important for all kinds of online businesses. You have to find out the customers that are very easy to engage. This task can easily be done with E-goi. This solution helps offer every customer with amazing offers, contents, and cross-sells. They will feel special every day. And then, they will buy more. A special discount can be offered to each customer who regularly visit your online store. Whenever they will come to the physical store, there will get an automated SMS about a special discount coupon. E-goi is capable of working with various important platforms. Some of these platforms are Facebook, Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce, and Shopify.

Therefore, purchase the email marketing and automation with our discount. Hopefully the E-goi coupon will make you happy.