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Have Dux-Soup discount as 30% PayPal cash back. The offer is applicable on 1st invoice of Professional and Turbo plan, either you buy monthly or annual plan.

Please check the Dux-Soup image below for discount.

Dux-Soup discount

Just like other social networks, LinkedIn also useful for generating leads. But, you have to use a professional solution to do this task. Our suggestion is to depend on Dux-Soup to extract more leads from LinkedIn.

A Small Review of Dux-Soup

Everybody knows that LinkedIn is the place for professionals. Every online marketer looks for more leads in a quick time. LinkedIn is a great place for online marketers. They just need to use a professional solution to get more leads. Dux-Soup is an efficient tool for them. It is an affordable solution too. That is why, newbies can purchase and use it. To enjoy its major features and facilities purchase the product with our discount. Grab the Dux-Soup coupon now.

LinkedIn Automation Process

There are different tasks that should be done to grow a business on LinkedIn. First of all, you have to view the profiles of your prospects. As there could be a big number of prospects, it is very tough to view their profiles manually. Dux-Soup will do this task automatically. Then, it will track their activities and find out their skills. After detecting their activities, interests, and skills, you have to communicate with them. This software is helpful for doing so. It can send personalized messages manually. Once you set the messages, it will automatically send them as per schedule. Another important thing is to give more time to more responsive prospects. Dux-Soup will find out them and give more time. Hence, your business will grow faster.


Easy Lead Management

Dealing with promising prospects is very important. Another important task is to collect their details. After collecting these details, you can easily upload that to any CRM. This software will collect the profile summary of each prospect. Their education levels, skills, position histories, and other details will be collected very easily. All these data will be exported to CSV or XLXS files. Then, you can easily use their email addresses for various marketing campaigns. Dux-Soup is able to collect their notes and tags. And then, it helps to share these notes and tags to your team mates. The team mates will understand the history of each lead. As a result, there will be a higher conversion rate.

Dux-Soup Discount and Pricing

The Starter License of Dux-Soup is for finding out prospects. This license is a free one. And, it will be free forever. Finding out prospects is not the only target of online marketers. They need to convert them into leads. In doing so, they need to use the Professional License of this software. In a yearly billing system, its monthly cost is only $11.25 without the discount. All the features discussed till now are available with this license. But, the Turbo License comes with more impressive features. This license of Dux Soup can be accessed by spending only $41.25 per month. You will be allowed to integrate it with different lead generation systems.

So, please purchase the Dux Soup lead generation product in 2020 using our coupon. Hopefully, the Dux-Soup discount will be helpful.