Donorbox Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes December 2021

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Donorbox discount

Donorbox is an application that can help people to do crowd funding in just a few steps. People just need to setup up a method that can help them to do crowd funding in 15 minutes which can be done by this tool. So it is quite less time-consuming as you just need to spend only 15 minutes to set up this application and you can straight away run it and enjoy the benefits very easily. It collects the donations from donors in a seamless method without creating any issues with payments. It provides a unique advantage to the business.

Donorbox Review

Donorbox provides the donation form that can be effective and the type of donation form that appeals to the people to donate for the cause. It provides an optimized payment system to do the fundraising. Setting up the payment option for fundraising seems a very difficult option for many NGOs. Many NGOs conduct their operations internationally, therefore it is very hard for them to collect donations if they face payment issues with 3 party company. In this case, there is no need to rely on a third party to receive donations from donors. You can straight away collect the donation on one on one. There are many ways to showcase the donation form. One of the ways this program provides donation form is that embed donation form with the donation website. AS a result, the case behind taking donations is still fresh in the mind of people. Get the fundraising software using our discount. Grab the Donorbox coupon now.

Multi-Step Checkout

Donorbox makes it easier to do the checkout in just a few multiple steps. In the checkout option, you can also set up the pre-filled custom amount in the donation box and add the description of the donation. It helps to inform the donors that the purpose of their donations. In that way, the donors feel more confident about making donations. Depending on donors, many donors have different types of mindsets. Some donors might want to donate for one specific cause, some donors might want to donate for multiple causes. Therefore, adding description help them to know where they are donating the money. Since many NGOs collect money from multiple different countries, the donation form can be organized in multiple different languages. You can redesign donation forms in German, Italian, Danish, Spanish, and some other languages as well. Doing this helps to increase the number of donors in the long run.


Relationship That Runs Long Term

Donorbox will help to set up a strong relationship with the donors in the long term. The donors will find this payment method of donation very flexible. The donation can be canceled at any point at any time. The donors will decide how much money recurring donations they want to put in every single month. Donors also can decide on how many months they will keep on providing recurring fees. Donorbox can easily integrate with the Salesforce non-profit success fact that can be also an effective feature. Donorbox will help to analyze the data of the donor and figure out which donor is donating the most every single month.

The features of Donorbox can be availed using our coupon offered here. Additional discount not required for the nonprofit fundraising software.

Facebook page Donations

Donorbox allows receiving the donation from social media site likes of the Facebook page. It can help people to easily integrate the payment method with the page. It is unquestionable in the current era social media has been a vital weapon for social awareness. Many big amounts of donations come to NGOs from social media donations. Therefore, allowing the donors to donate from Facebook Page makes their work much easier. They do not have to load to the new page. It will also help to build strong relationships with donors.

Nonprofit Fundraising Software

Fundraising Meter

Donorbox allows showcasing fundraising with the donation meter to increase the donation from the donors. When the donors see that you are closer to your donation goals, they might feel motivated to donate more to match that goal. It also has secure donation software that will allow accepting all the payments within just one click. Donorbox will also help to provide a secure payment system. As a result, the donors also can feel that they are in a safe space to donate and it is not any kind of fraud.

Donorbox Discount & Pricing

Donorbox provides the flexibility to accept the payment in the native currency. Donorbox will help people to donate in their currency who do not have a dollar endorsement in their bank account without any promo code in 2021.  The fees of the donor box start from 15 dollars and go up to 150 dollars. You need to pay 150 dollars for the donor box when you collection 10000 dollars in the donation. Besides that, the stripe and PayPal payment fees start from 29 dollars and go up to 290 dollars. It completely depends on the amount of donation you have collected how much donation box payment and how much stripe and PayPal charge will become.

Hence, please get the fundraising software using our coupon. We hope the Donorbox discount will be amazing for you.