Devart Discount: Get Cool Coupon and Pricing

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Devart Discount

We are used to deal with various types of database management systems. Many of us struggle to access the databases and managing those. To solve this problem, Devart provides some very useful libraries of components and solutions.

Products and Review of the Devart

Different types of software companies are out there. Most of these companies provide some common types of tools. But, there are some companies providing some very unique and important products. Devart is one of these companies. This company mainly provides different management tools for MySQL, SQL Server, and other servers. Similarly, some products of this brand will help you to access all kinds of databases with ease. Though these products are very efficient, these are cost effective. Avail the efficient Devart with our discount. The Devart coupon is going to be helpful. Let’s see the main features of some of these products:

Universal Data Accessing

UniDAC or Universal Data Access Components is one of the finest products of Devart. This product is actually a library of components. This library consists of so many components. These components will let you access various databases from Delphi and C++ Builder. This one is also capable of dealing with various database servers. Some of these servers are Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and Microsoft Access, etc. Devart UniDAC does not need any kind of data provider layers to access the server data. Similarly, you don’t have to install any kind of client library. This library of components has the local failover. For this reason, it can detect any kind of connection losses. Then, it helps to reconnect with any server and re-execute an operation.


dbForge Studio for MySQL

There should not be any doubt that MySQL is one of the most popular database management systems. If you are looking for a comprehensive MySQL management solution, then Devart dbForge Studio for MySQL is strongly suggested. Many people struggle to deal with the queries in a database. For them, this software has an effective query profiler. This software also has a code completion facility. This feature actually depends on a context-sensitive intelligence. For this reason, you will be able to create a database more quickly. This product of Devart is capable of showing some information regarding the schema objects and parameter very efficiently. An amazing code formatting facility has made this software more useful.

Entity Developer

Are you looking for an efficient ORM model designer? Devart Entity Developer is a great solution to create such models. It is an efficient object-relational mapping solution for NHibernate and the Entity Framework. There are some other tools, which support only a few entities in a model. But, this product is capable of dealing with unlimited entities in every model. Some predefined templates are available with this one. You can also use some custom templates. And if you like the discount coupon for the mentioned Devart tools, please avail the option.

Some Other Products

I have mentioned some major products of Devart in 2021. But, this company also provides some other popular products. For example, dbForge Studio for SQL Server is a very useful SQL Server database management solution. This software will let you develop, manage, and analyze all kinds of databases of SQL Server. dbForge SQL Decryptor is another important product of Devart. This tool helps to restore the encrypted object definitions. Sometimes, you may need to analyze the SQL server performance. In such cases, the dbForge Monitor can be used.

Devart Discount, Plans and Pricing

Most of the products of UniDAC come with multiple editions. The Standard Edition of this product comes with only a few products. Devart will charge 299.95 USD for the single license of this product excluding the discount. Its team and site licenses are available for 749.95 and 1349.95 USD, according to 8 May 2018. If you want to get more advanced features, then the Professional Edition is suggested. To purchase its single license, only 499.95 USD should be paid. You can also purchase this license with source code. In that case, the cost will be only 699.95 USD. Devart offers some very impressive pricing plans for the dbForge Studio for MySQL. Its Standard License is available for only $149.95. To purchase its Professional and Enterprise Licenses, only 299.95 and 399.95 USD should be paid respectively. The Entity Developer of Devart can be purchased by paying only $299.95, if you want to deal with all platforms. It also has different editions for different platforms.

Hence, get the database management software vendor and more with our coupon. Hopefully, you are going to enjoy the Devart discount.