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Sometimes, we purchase several tools to create a logo, or business card, or other elements. But, the most of these tools cannot be used very easily. So, it is better to get these designs from top professionals. Designhill is a platform of those professionals.

Review and Features of Designhill

Most of the people think that hiring a professional logo designer is very costly. This process is a difficult one too. But, this is not so costly anymore. You just have to access a platform and find out necessary designs and professionals. Though there are a few reliable platforms, we suggest to deal with Designhill. A big number of professional designers are available there. And, they deal with various types of graphic designs. If you are happy with the review, purchase the product with our discount. Grab the Designhill coupon now.


Create Brand Identity

For the betterment of any business, creating a brand identity is very important. In doing so, you have to deal with several steps. Designhill is capable of handling all these steps with accuracy. First of all, you just have to answer a few questions regarding your business. This platform is used by a big number of professional designers. They will create dozens of designs for your logo and identity. The professional designers will wait for your feedback. You can make various revisions to make the design suitable. After all these revisions, a design should be finalized. And then, Designhill will send you that design. Generally, designing platforms do not send the source code of an item. But, it will give that code. That means, you will get the complete copyright of your logo and identity.

Social Media Pack

Nowadays, social media have become a part of online marketing. You have to manage your social media pages very efficiently. Every such page must have an attractive cover photo. Designhill is a source for these cover photos. Each design file will be provided in different formats. Some of these formats are JPG, PNG, and PSD. Even, you will get a PDF file of that. There is no need to mention the dimension of a page. Just mention the social media page. Then, it will visit that page and create design files in suitable dimensions. Sometimes, a marketer may need to use an image that is designed by his own. Designhill will allow to upload that image. Then, the designers will use that to create eye-catching cover photos. This platform also allows to make any logo or photo confidential.

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Designhill review

Hire a Freelancer Easily

Instead of dealing with new designers, a marketer may need to hire a professional for his projects. Designhill offers several ways to do so. First of all, it allows to post a design contest. A design contest should have a specific prize. To get that prices, a big number of professionals will post their designs. Then, you just have to pick the right one for your project. There is another way to hire a professional. This company shows a big list of designers. That list will show top professionals for each type of project. Terms, conditions, fees, and other things will be shown with each designer. You just have to consider all these data to hire a suitable one. Designhill also provides several graphic designing services. It is possible to hire a freelancer by going to those categories.

Pro Logo Maker

There is no need to go to any other platform to get a professional quality logo maker. Designhill comes with a top quality tool for making amazing logos. This platform provides several design styles. You have to select one of these styles first. Along with that, colors, icons, and other things can be selected. Within a few seconds, it will provide you custom logos. Each of these previews can easily be customized. For example, a customer can easily change font size, spacing, and other things. And after that, he has to make the necessary payment. Then, Designhill will deliver him that logo with source files.

Designhill Discount and Pricing

Actually, Designhill comes with several services. There are multiple plans for each of these services. Suppose, you want to run a design contest. In such a case, there are four plans. The Fast Track Plan is available for only $199 without any promo code. It is suitable if you expect around 20 logo designs for a graphic content. Sometimes, a marketer may need to get more designs. In that case, the Standard Plan is suitable. It can be bought by paying only $399. It will provide more than 40 designs. Similarly, other two plans help to get more design ideas. You can also hire a professional with a suitable fee. In that case, Designhill will charge 10% on the payment. The Logo Maker of this company has three plans. Its Basic Plan will charge only 20 USD. We suggest to have the Premium Plan by paying only 65 USD. It provides high resolution logos.

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