dbForge Studio for MySQL Discount and Fantastic Coupon

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dbForge Studio for MySQL Discount

Relational database management is not an easy task to do. Many professionals use one or more top quality database management solutions. If you love to work with MySQL, then my suggestion is to use dbForge Studio for MySQL. This is a popular product of the Devart brand.

dbForge Studio for MySQL Review

There are different types of relational database management platforms. Among all these, people love to depend on some top quality platforms. MySQL is undoubtedly one of the best options among all professional platforms. Though it is an efficient one, you may face some problems while handling it. To solve this issue, a database management solution can be used. dbForge Studio for MySQL is undoubtedly a great solution for managing MySQL databases. This product offers a big list of features and facilities. Avail the cool dbFSMS features with our discount. Simply follow the image steps and receive the dbForge Studio for MySQL coupon. Let’s have a look at some of these features:

Advanced Built-in Tools

Devart provides a very powerful database designer tool to each of the database management products. dbForge Studio for MySQL helps to create a database very easily. We know, there are different versions of MySQL server. This product is capable of dealing with each of these versions. Similarly, this product can also work with all versions of MariaDB server. A conventional coding facility is available in many tools. But dbForge Studio for MySQL comes with some intelligent programs. That is why, it can complete the data completion, formatting, and other tasks with amazing speed and reliability.

Database Comparison

This database management solution has a great comparison facility. It can compare and sync all kinds of data with ease. Similarly, this product can also compare and sync all kinds of schemas. Sometimes, you may not have the time to compare the data and schema with the conventional technique. In these cases, dbForge Studio for MySQL will do this task automatically by using its advanced scheduling feature.

dbForge Studio for MySQL Coupon Code & Pricing

There is one free plan and three paid plans for dbForge Studio for MySQL. The basic Standard edition is one of the paid editions of this product. To buy this one, you have to pay only 149.95 USD excluding the discount. It has a volume discount facility too. If 4-8 units of this product are purchased, then only 134.95 USD should be paid for each unit. Only 127.95 USD should be paid per unit, if 9-13 licenses are purchased. Similarly, this price will be reduced to only 119.95 USD/per unit if 14 or more units are bought at a time. dbForge Studio for MySQL Professional Edition is available for only 299.95 USD according to this post creating time.

It is strongly recommended to the database developers. For the large development teams, Enterprise Edition of this product is strongly suggested. It can be purchased by paying only 399.95 USD. Each of these paid licenses has a volume discount facility too.

Hence, please use our coupon to get the cool tool for MySQL and as well as MariaDB databases administration and more. For any inquiry on the dbForge Studio for MySQL discount, please contact us.