DataNumen Coupon: Have Special Discount in 2021

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DataNumen Coupon

For different reasons, we may need to use a data recovery tool. There are only a few companies providing different kinds of data recovery solutions. DataNumen is one of the bests among those. It provides a big number of MS Office, databases, and email recovery tools.

DataNumen Products and Review

We use MS Office apps for generating various types of documents, spreadsheets, databases, and presentations. Sometimes, these files get corrupted, and we need to create those from the beginning. To solve this issue, it is better to take help from some recovery tools. Though there are some other recommendable company, my suggestion to purchase these tools from DataNumen. This company provides a big number of useful products. That is why, there is no need to depend on multiple companies anymore. Enjoy the exclusive functionalities with our coupon. Grab the DataNumen discount today. Here are some major products of this brand, along with their features:

Access Repairing Solution

One of the most popular products of the DataNumen brand is the Access Repair. All kinds of Microsoft Access databases can be recovered by using this software. Normally, this application of Microsoft uses .mdb and .accdb file formats to save a database. That is why, DataNumen Access Repair is capable of dealing with both these formats. It is a fact that there are different types of Access recovery solutions. Compared to all those, this product shows a better recovery rate. Its recovery rate is more than 90%. Sometimes, Microsoft cannot detect some records and objects. In such cases, this software is very much useful. All kinds of MEMO, OLE fields, and relations can be recovered by it very efficiently.

DataNumen Excel Repair

If you are looking for a tool to repair various types of corrupted MS Excel files, then this software is strongly recommended. It can work against all kinds of file corruption. This software can solve several issues. For example, if any file shows unrecognizable format, it can solve it. DataNumen Excel Repair is capable of recovering all kinds of cell data and formulas. In doing so, it supports all kinds of standard and custom formats of cell data and formulas. It comes with a drag and drop functionality.


DBF Recovery Solution

It’s a bit tough to find out the DBF database recovery solutions. DataNumen comes with an amazing tool to repair all kinds of DBF databases. The DBF Repair is compatible with dBASE III, IV, and 5. We know that dBASE 5 has a separate version of each of the DOS, Windows, FoxPro, and FoxBase, etc. DataNumen DBF Repair is compatible with all these versions. This software is capable of dealing with a big number of tables and contents. Sometimes, a file may have so many contents. In such a case, it will split that into multiple files. And then, it will work with those files with ease. And please don’t forget to get our discount coupon for any DataNumen product.

Outlook Repairing Tool

Though Microsoft Outlook is an information collection solution, it is most commonly used as an emailing platform. Sometimes, the Outlook PST files can get corrupted. In such a case, the DataNumen Outlook Repair is very much useful. This solution is capable of working with all kinds of PST files. Like the other recovery tools of this company, it can also work with a batch of inputs at a time. From a corrupted file, this solution can bring back various types of contents. Some of these contents are emails, contacts, appointments, and calendars. 95.70% recovery rate has made this software a strongly recommendable one.

DataNumen Coupon and Attractive Pricing

DataNumen offers a volume discount facility for almost every product. To purchase the Access Recovery Software in 2021, you have to pay $199.95 for a single license. This unit cost will be reduced to only $149.95 if 2-9 licenses are purchased at a time. Similarly, you can get 500 and more licenses of this software. In that case, the unit cost will be only 29.95 USD, as per this post creating time. Similarly, the Excel Repair is available for only 89.95 USD, which is applicable for a single license. The DBF Repair Software of this company is available for only $149.95 without the promo code. To purchase a single license of DataNumen Outlook Repair, you have to pay only 199.95 USD. Each of these products comes with a money refund facility.

Therefore, grab the data recovery software in 2021 with our discount. Hopefully, you are going be impressed with the DataNumen coupon.