DataNumen SQL Recovery Coupons, Promo & Discount Codes October 2021

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Avail DataNumen SQL Recovery coupon as 15% cash back. Please check the following DataNumen SQL Recovery image for coupon.

DataNumen SQL Recovery coupon

SQL servers may contain various important databases. But, these databases can get broken for different reasons. No matter that the reasons are, DataNumen SQL Recovery will recover data from these corrupt files.

DataNumen SQL Recovery Review

People stores MDF databases in SQL servers. Every database contains various important data. If these files get broken, users face a big problem. Instead of creating these databases again, we suggest to use a reliable recovery solution. Only a few tools are recommendable in this case. DataNumen SQL Recovery is one of these recommendable options. This software is an affordable and efficient SQL server recovery solution. Get the SQL server repair software easily with our coupon. Grab the DataNumen SQL Recovery discount now.

Recovers Almost All

Recovering an ordinary document is not a very tough task. There are so many tools for doing it. But, recovering a database accurately is a tough job. Only a few tools are capable of recovering databases from SQL servers. These tools are not able to recover all types of data. But, DataNumen SQL Recovery supports every data type. Only the XML type data cannot be recovered by using it. This software can also retrieve sparse columns. Another problem may occur in a database anytime. You may accidentally delete some important records. There is no need to be worried about these deleted records. DataNumen SQL Recovery is capable retrieving all these deleted records. Similarly, this software will let you recover indexes, views, and rules with ease.

DataNumen SQL Recovery

Supports Larger Files

You may know about some other tools that are able to recover SQL servers. Most of these solutions do not support large files. But, DataNumen SQL Recovery can even deal with a 16TB file. A targeted database may be stored in any place. This software will repair that file from that place. For example, it is capable of repairing SQL databases that are stored in Zip disks, floppy disks, corrupt media, and other locations. All kinds of MDF and NDF files will be retrieved by it. Like other tools of the same brand, this software also has a batch processing capability. So, it will save your valuable time by working with multiple files at the same time.

DataNumen SQL Recovery Coupon & Pricing

If you purchase a single license of DataNumen SQL Recovery, then only USD 499.95 should be paid. But, there is a volume discount facility. That means, if a customer gets multiple units at a time, then he will get a special discount. For example, if anyone purchases 2 to 9 licenses, then the unit cost will become only USD 379.95 without the promo code in 2021. This unit will even be decreased to 289.95 if a person gets 10 to 24 units at the same time. Similarly, your unit cost will be only USD 69.95 in you get at least 500 units at a time. DataNumen SQL Recovery has a free edition too. But, that edition can be used in personal projects only.

So, please get the recovery software easily with our discount. Hopefully the DataNumen SQL Recovery coupon will offer everything you wanted.