Daddy’s Eye Review | Spy Software for Your Smart Phone

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Daddy’s Eye is a Smart Phone spy software. It affords  you the opportunity to record SMS, MMS, voice calls as well as the GPS location silently. This process can be run completely in a stealth mode. After the activities of the recording system the whole documents can be sent in the online account of the user. You can access those documents by your email also.

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Daddy’s Eye

Many Spy software is available for computer system. But if you need a spy software for your Smart Phone, then you may get a few products for this purpose. Among all the products for the SmartPhone, Daddy’s Eye is one of the best in the market. It affords various facilities while recording the voice call, SMS or other documents from any Smart Phone.

The features of Daddy’s Eye

Daddy’s Eye ensures the users the facilities to record all types of calls without informing the environment. If you need to find the exact location of anyone, then this is an effective product to display the accurate result. The features are:

Recording Documents & Controlling System

User can record SMS, MMS, Calls, Network Info very clearly end silently. Besides the opportunity of recording the environmental condition can be obtained in this software product. It can be run by using memory light in AMR format. You can control this software from a remote place. According to your command it will perform the recording process. Moreover, it can run the process automatically. So, users don’t need to operate this application at a fixed time. With the scheduling system, you can record the document according to your need.

daddys eye review

Uploading Process & Hidden Mode

The list of all activities are uploaded to the online account. Besides, it also allows scheduling process so that the user can control the system of recording process. In this way, this product shows the user friendly mood. The uploading process of the recording documents or location of the device is a user defined. It runs this process automatically. So, user can check the documents from the online system at any time.

You can hide the product and its activity in the device. As a result the device user won’t see any application or the activities of Daddy’s Eye in running mode. Moreover the activities of Daddy’s Eye start its process when rebooting the system. The folders of this application can be kept in a hidden mood in the device. So, the privacy of this software is obtained.

Installing Method & Document Transfer

This software is very flexible to operate. The interface of this product is designed in a easiest way for the users. Besides the features and tools of Daddy’s Eye are very easy to understand to obtain the maximum performance from it. All the events from the device can be transferred to the online accounts or in the email id automatically. You can use the scheduling system for uploading the documents or other information. Above all, for the detection of a person by using any Smart Phone, Daddy’s Eye is the best one.