Daddy’s Eye and Daddy’s Eye Pro Review, Monitor Smartphone

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Many Smart Phone spy software is available in the market, which use the latest technologies depending on the facilities for the users. But Daddy’s Eye is an effective spy software. To record any types of document from a Smart Phone like voice calls, SMS, Chat history Daddy’s Eye is the best one.

daddys eye and daddys eye pro

Daddy’s Eye Product Review

User can record any incoming and outgoing call from any Smart Phone by activating Daddy’s Eye in a device. Besides the SMS documents we can also track with this product. All these processes can do silently without annoying the device user. You can record the sound effect and background sound of the device by using Daddy’s Eye. It doesn’t create any beep while recording. So, the person who is using the device can’t get any clue about the recording. You can control the recording system from a remote place by using Daddy’s Eye. It has the capability to detect the command of the genuine user. So, according to the user’s need, they can active the application or not.

Features of the Product

It allows a scheduling process for recording system. User can control the time format from a remote place. Depending on the scheduling process, it will automatically record the call, SMS etc. This application software can automatically upload the recorded documents in an online storage or in the user’s mail id. So, the privacy system of the recording files can control by this software. Besides, you can hide the files of Daddy’s Eye from the device. As a result, the device user can’t view any file of a spy software. This tool is very essential for any spy software and it has made the Daddy’s Eye exceptional from others.

About Daddy’s Eye Pro

Sometimes it becomes necessary and important to know something about someone without noticing him. For example, to know the whereabouts of your child, friend, employee or any other person. You may need to record the calls, text messages or find out his exact location. You can easily do it using your smartphone. All that you need to do is to download and install Daddy’s Eye Pro. Daddy’s Eye Pro is a spy software that makes you able to record calls, text messages, multimedia messages and trace the specific location in special stealth mode. You will get all the information on your online account. You just need internet connection from any device to access your account.

Benefits of Daddy’s Eye Pro

  • It records all the major activities of the mobile phone. Such activities include voice calls, multimedia and text messages, GPS, internet and network information and it also provides the information of the camera shots.
  • It uses very little amount of system resources on the phone.
  • Can control remotely via text message command.
  • It can trace, record and save the contact list, received list, dialed list etc.
  • Daddy’s Eye Pro can automatically send the information to the online account.
  • You can activate the hidden mode. It will allow the software to be invisible in the phone’s application list.
  • It’s a startup enabled program. Which means if the mobile phone is restarted, the program will automatically start monitoring again.
  • Without proper permission it can not uninstall.
  • The team regularly updates the software to include the latest technologies and facilities which ensures the maximum performance and service.
  • You can take the support from technical support team and can get the help from the FAQ section.

daddys eye and daddys eye pro review

Description of Daddy’s Eye Pro

Symbian and Android are the most commonly used mobile phone operating systems throughout the world. Daddy’s Eye Pro software is available for both the Symbian and Android operating systems. To start using the Daddy’s Eye Pro, at first you need to install the program on the mobile device. Then you need to create a free online account. This account is important to send you the information that are collected by Daddy’s Eye Pro. Once you have created the account and set up a schedule to send you the activities, it will start working and sending the information remotely to your account. Before getting the information, you will need to activate the mobile phone. For activation you just need to enter your subscription id and it is done.

There are three types of subscriptions available for the Daddy’s Eye Pro software. They are three month subscription, six month subscription and yearly subscription. Daddy’s Eye Pro software provider offers free support to the users and free product update is available for the users.