Cyberscrub Review : Protect Privacy, Data Security and Encryption

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Privacy tool protects all your personal data of your PC and browser history and download history from showing it to others. Cyberscrub is one of the popular tools used all over the world. It is used in many Governmental offices and private banks and it has a high protection system.


Cyberscrub Review

The products of cyberscrub are mainly used for the protection of your computer and internet security. Cyberscrub provides many software for different platform. All the products of cyberscrub are very flexible for using in your computer system.

Cyberscrub Products

Some of the products of cyberscrub are:

1. Compliance Suite
2. CyberClide
3. KeyChain Password Manager
4. Privacy Suite of cyberscrub etc.

Advantages of the Tool

We all know that all the browsing data automatically save to the computer drive. If you use this tool, it will clear all your data and browsing history from the browser, but the backup which is stored in the computer drive will not be deleted. So you may find all the history back by using simple software. So it is really safe tool to use and save your personal data.

If you use this software your broadband connection will get more speed. It deletes the data to be hidden and increase the free space. It takes very light memory space to your computer and price is not high. There is a trial version available, so you should not buy it to use. But licensed version will provide all the features and facilities.

When the first version of Cyberscrub was released, then after little time it became one the favorite of the internet users. The features it provided at that time was unthinkable for many people. But nowadays technology is more advanced and smart. This tool is now backdated to be honest. But if you worry about running the program, then it is fair for you because it is very easy to run.

cyberscrub review

Features of the Tool

Anyone can easily retrieve the deleted data by system recovery. The feature of “erase beyond recovery” enables the users to delete those files permanently so that your privacy system remains under control. You can easily clear the browsing files in the internet by using the “Anti-Boss” key feature. As a result the history, bookmarked and other documents of a user can’t reach to another person.

When a user deletes a mail from his/her id, those messages remain in the trash. After removing those files from trash, s/he may not remain in safe mood. Because all the message remains in the hard-drive after the deletion process from trash. Cyberscrub provides a better solution in this case. Your mail will be permanently deleted from the hard-drive by using the products of cyberscrub. So if you want to ensure a complete security mood in your computer system and internet, then you can choose the products of cyberscrub. Because these products are very reliable to the users.