Customerly Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes October 2021

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Avail Customerly discount as 25% cash back. The cashback offer is on 1st invoice of any plan purchase including Startup, Pro or Enterprise.

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Customerly discount

Customerly comes with many facilities that can help users to bring sales to the site. User will be able to create lasting relationships with the customers and increase engagement with the help of this application.  It includes the feature of live chat that will help the customers to connect with users. It will bridge the communication gap and users will easily know the needs and wants of the customers. Using this application, users will also get to know the response of their product from customers.

Customerly Review

Customerly offers the chance to the users to capture the leads from the visitors. Users will able to get the visitors connected with the website. It has easy and fast communication with the customers and users do not need to go through extensive lead capturing technique from the visitors.  User will be able to handle the chat from multiple websites with Customerly. User will be able to reply to all the chat from one place. Users will easily be able to reply to the chats including the chats of the messenger, live chat or support email from one dashboard. It will save the time of opening different tabs and logging into different accounts to reply to the customers separately. Get the live chat software with our discount. Grab the Customerly coupon now.

Highlights of the Application

The software Customerly also has many options on the selection of the colors. Users can customize the color of the live chat. They can customize the live chat in right or left or even blue or yellow. So there are many options for the customization of the live chat. The users also can pose questions automatically by the live chat. For example, if users want to ask the mobile number of the customers, the program will automatically ask that question through live chat.


Type Preview

Customerly also will show the preview of the typing of the customers. In that way, user will be able to anticipate the message of the customers and reply to the message ahead of time. It will not only save the waiting time but also will speed up the communication process.  It also allows the users to involve the colleagues or teams to handle the live chat. Users can allocate the live chat handling team in different teams and provide them with permission. It also includes the video live chat as well. User will be able to do a live chat with the customers with this app directly. Users would not need any external application.

These Customerly features can be availed here at our site with our coupon. Additional discount may not be needed for the live chat software.

Screen Sharing

Another great feature of this software is its screen sharing facility. You don’t need to integrate it with Skype or Teamviewer to use this facility. Rather, it allows to share device screens of both parties of a conversation. It is very important to choose a software that can handle a big number of conversation at a time. At the same time, you may need to assign a certain type of visitors to a team. Sometimes, some customers may need a priority support. In all these cases, Customerly is suitable. This software also helps set a self-help center. It provides automated answers to their questions. In doing so, this software has a rich knowledgebase.

Customerly pricing

Live Chat Software

The intuitive dashboard is a great feature of Customerly. This dashboard has an ability to manage every incoming conversation from Messenger, Facebook, and Support Email, etc. That means, you will be able to see all the incoming messages from a single place. The appearance of a chat window is very important for attracting more customers. This software helps customize every chat window. You can change its position, color, and other specifications to match with the website need. After adding this chat software to a website, there is no need to add another tool for grabbing leads. Customerly will automatically collect leads and create a profitable list of their emails. You can collect some additional information also. For example, this software can be used for asking visitor’s mobile number, their company name, and current job, etc.

Customerly Discount & Pricing

Customerly currently offers 3 packages. The startup package is priced at only 24 dollar per month without any promo code in 2021. The pro package price is only 79 dollar per month. The enterprise package price is only 129 dollars per month.  The range of startup to pro package price for monthly package starts from 29 dollars and climbs up to 159 dollars per month. The Basic Plan of Customerly is suitable for a support team of maximum two members. Its Startup License is for a team of maximum 5 members. The Pro Plan can be used by 10 users at a time. This license does not show the Customerly logo on any chat window. Similarly, the Enterprise License is for unlimited users. This license also supports enterprise funnels.

Hence, please get the Customerly software with our coupon to create long lasting relationship with the customers. For any query about the Customerly discount please contact with us now.