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Curation Lab discount

Marketers sometimes look for a content curating app for generating unique contents. But only a few tools are capable of performing this task very quickly. Curation Lab is one of these apps.

Review and Features of Curation Lab

You may have heard various types of tools that can create curated contents for blog posts. These articles can also be used in social media campaigns. But, the most of these solutions are not available with top quality features. That is why, you may not get exactly unique articles in different niches. We suggest Curation Lab because of mainly two reasons. First of all, it is an affordable app. And secondly, this app comes with tons of important features. Purchase the copywriting solution with our discount. Grab the Curation Lab coupon now.

Supports All Niches

Curation Lab is not a content curating tool that covers only a few niches. You can use it to work with any topic or any niche. Just insert the keywords first. Then, this app will find out lots of sources of related contents. Then, it will curate those contents to provide at least 500 articles. Along with these articles, users are allowed to add all kinds of videos, images, and other items. Sometimes, marketers search in various sources to find out stock images. Curation Lab helps integrating a big number of stock images. Each of these images is royalty free. That is why, unlimited contents can be generated using these.

Curation Lab

Curation Lab Discount and Pricing

We have mentioned only a few features and facilities of Curation Lab. Lots of customers may already have made their mind to purchase it. But, before taking any decision, you should consider its price. The price of this product is even more impressive. There is a monthly plan that can be bought by paying only USD 18.99 per month without the discount. Instead of this one, we suggest to purchase the 2-Year License of Curation Lab. You just have to pay once to use it for two years. And, the price of this license is only USD 97. Both these licenses are suitable for working with unlimited posts. And, these licenses can also be used for serving the clients. That means, you will enjoy a full featured commercial right.

Calendar Scheduling Process

Sometimes, marketers cannot get time to create posts for every day. This app is suitable to them. It comes with an advanced scheduling facility. You will be able to create schedules for even a month. Then, it will post on each date on the desired social media networks. Curation Lab supports 10 different social websites. You can use this app to handle up to 50 different social profiles. At the same time, blogs posts can be made by it without any problem. Another important thing is, it’s a cloud based app. So, you don’t have to use a particular device to access and use this software.

Therefore, please purchase the software cheaply with our coupon. Hopefully, the Curation Lab discount will satisfy your needs.