CPVLab Review | Pricing on Testing, Tracking and Optimization Platform

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For the betterment of the companies, the owners deal with so many marketing campaigns. Running the campaigns is important without any doubt. But the more important thing is to track the progress of those marketing activities. It is very difficult to find a versatile platform which can work with all those activities. In this case, my suggestion will go for the CPVLab. This product can be used for several campaigns and it can be handled very easily. The new marketers can easily be able to use this product. Avail the cool CPVL features with our pricing review. Grab the CPVLab pricing today.The main features of this self-hosted platform are:

Review and Features of CPVLab

CPVLab can be considered as one of the most effective self-hosted platform. The security level of this solution is also very strong. As it will work with so many important data, it has to provide strong security to those and it does so. About each of the campaigns, it can track all the necessary features. This platform is capable of handling the mobile data very easily. Both the cookie as well as cookie-less tracking can be done by this product. CPVLab can track the performance of the individual ads. Proper customizable statistical reports will be provided by this solution.


Supports Various Campaigns

From the above features, it can be understood that the CPVLab is very strong campaign tracking solution. And it can deal with different kinds of campaigns to track and optimize those. For example, it can effectively rotate the landing pages. The landing pages are commonly used for various campaigns. This product can also add new pages among the existing once to rotate and mix up those. The sequences of the landing pages can also be changed by this product. It is very important to set up several paths for the existing campaigns. CPVLab will help you to do so. Sometimes you will need to interlink several campaigns. Easily you will be able to do that with the help of this software. This product is very much helpful for optimizing the lead capture and email follow-up campaigns.

CPVLab Attractive Pricing

Though this product is full of features and can be used in several campaigns, the pricing of this is reasonable. As of the date of writing this product, you just have to pay $297 for one year without the review. If you want to use this for more years, the marginal cost will be reduced. After the first year, you have to pay just $147 for each additional year. During the license period, you will enjoy the update facilities without additional fee. The full version license of CPVLab is for dealing with 100 different tracking domains and the highly responsive customer support will always be there for you. You can pay for this product without tension because 30 days money back guarantee is available with this.

Hence, please grab the tracking, testing as well as optimization software made for the affiliates, advertisers, merchants and agencies with our pricing. Grab the CPVLab review in 2018.