CouponPress Review : Create Coupon Based WordPress Website

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Online business is one of the most profitable businesses in the world. There are different types of online businesses out there. Commission based online business is one of them. If you want to do so, you need to use CouponPress. Simply, CouponPress is a theme for WordPress which turns your blog or website into a  coupon site. It is a premium theme which is extremely useful for your internet marketing business. People who are planning to earn money online from affiliate commission using coupon codes, printable coupon, vouchers, offers etc.


What is CouponPress

PremiumPress has always offered better quality theme than any other theme provider websites. You will not face any problem while creating a coupon website if you use this theme. It will do all the things to create that kind of website. Let’s see some of the features of this exclusive theme.

How it works

If you have a WordPress blog or any other WordPress website, you can start your online affiliate program from today. All that you need to do is just buy the CouponPress theme, install it and there you go. The earning comes from commissions. There are discounts available for the different products, you need to add a discount coupon for the specific product on your website using an affiliate link. Now, whenever a visitor buys the product using your provided link, he gets the discount and you get a percentage. Both are gainer and happy. There is an option of submission of the coupon by the visitors, in that case, you can charge them for their submission on your site.

Affiliate commission is one of the most popular online earning method to the affiliate marketers. CouponPress moved it one step ahead, made it as easy and as simple as never before. User-friendly interface, helpful and effective features and easy working procedures made it usable for all level of users. No special skill is required to use it.

Features of CouponPress

CouponPress offers unlimited installation for the users. Once you purchase CouponPress, you are free to use it in as many sites as you want. No extra charge is required. Its source code is open. You can edit it for your own preferences. There is no restriction for the use of coupons, deals, offers and vouchers. You can add as many coupons as you like. This theme also supports thousands of extra WordPress plugins. CouponPress has a powerful admin control. Admin controls feature lets users customize their site easily. CouponPress is a fully search engine optimized theme for WordPress. It helps your site to get a higher rank in the search engines. Both admin and members can submit their coupons to the site.

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As member submission requires charging, it could be another source of income. The admin has the authority to restrict the submission of members. Another good feature of CouponPress is a CSV import tool. Using this tool, user can manage the site with spreadsheet. It enables to add new coupon to spreadsheet and update your website adding new coupons. CouponPress is able to accept payment online. The admin of the site just needs to specify the details of payment providers like PayPal mail address, CouponPress will do the rest of the work. More than twenty payment gateways are supported by CouponPress. It is much helpful for the people from the different part of the world to choose their appropriate payment method and pay easily. Customer service is available for twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. Video tutorials and active forum community also provide useful tips and supports.

Other Components and Benefits

Installation process of CouponPress is very easy. Anyone can activate this to the WordPress site by some mouse clicks. Perfect frame work, exclusive layout and customizable colours are the advantages of this theme. You can control your website very easily. Anytime and from anywhere you can browse your website and customize all the options.

If you make your website your coupon website open for everyone, then anyone can visit your website and post their coupons and you can block those posting by visitors anytime. Then you can offer the membership packages for your site. There is a search option for the visitors to search the coupons they need. You can also customize the search terms to make it more users friendly. Pick the right design for your website from the 20+ built in designs on the theme. You will get the right to select the number of members to your website. It can be restricted or unlimited.

Demand as much percentage as you want for publishing coupon ads to your website. All the renowned payment gateways are supported by the theme. You can get 24/7 customers supports from the PremiumPress team and all the updates of the theme will be loaded automatically.