Coolmuster Android Assistant Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes December 2021

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Have Coolmuster Android Assistant discount as 10% cash back. Please check the Coolmuster Android Assistant image here for discount.

Coolmuster Android Assistant discount

You may be looking for a software that will help backing up all your personal files and data stored on Android devices. Though there are a big number of android backup and management software, we suggest Coolmuster Android Assistant because of its impressive features.

Coolmuster Android Assistant Review

A big number of important data can be lost while a user reset his phone. These files or data are very tough to recover. Sometimes, restoring becomes impossible. Similarly, users often delete important files unintentionally. To solve these problems, it is very important to backup each and every important file and data. In doing so, Coolmuster Android Assistant is very helpful. This powerful and easy-to-use Android assistant software has tons of important features. Get the android backup & management software with our discount. Grab the Coolmuster Android Assistant coupon now. Some of these features are:

1-Click Backup

You don’t have to be worried about the difficulties of using an Android backup solution. Coolmuster Android Assistant offers one of the easiest ways to do so. It is capable of saving your photos, contacts, videos, call logs, and other data from the Android device to any computer. After backing up these things, you may need to import these anytime. In such cases a single click is enough to import any data or a group of data from the computer to your phone or tablet directly. Before performing any of these operations, you have to connect your phone to the computer. In doing so, a USB cable or a Wi-Fi connection is enough. The software is able to import contacts directly from MS Outlook. This Android management software is capable of sending SMSs to a big group of people at a time.

Coolmuster Android Assistant

Media Friendly

Nowadays, people love to store tons of media files to their mobile phones and tablets. If you love to do so, then this software is strongly recommended. This solution is helpful in adding media files to your Android device from a computer. Sometimes, there can be a big number of unnecessary media files. This solution is helpful in finding out and deleting these unwanted files. You may love to use a big number of apps on your phone. The app management facility of Coolmuster Android Assistant is very impressive also. It will instantly install all the necessary apps. Then, you can easily export these apps to an Android phone with just one click.

Coolmuster Android Assistant Discount & Pricing

You can purchase Coolmuster Android Assistant for 1 year. To purchase such a license, only $29.95 should be paid for a single PC. The same license can also be bought for five PCs. In that case, you have to pay $39.95 without any promo code in 2021.  Similarly, its 10-PC license can be bought by paying only USD 49.95. Instead of purchasing this software for one year, we recommend to purchase its lifetime edition. The price of its lifetime edition starts from USD 39.95 for a single PC. You can purchase it for more PCs for an attractive price. Both licenses of Coolmuster Android Assistant come with the same set of features.

So, please get the management software with our coupon. We hope the Coolmuster Android Assistant discount will be helpful.