ConvertKit Coupon: Avail Excellent Discount on Email Marketing Tools

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ConvertKit Coupon

Email marketing tools are of different kinds. Only a few of these tools are strongly recommendable to the creators. ConvertKit is one of these tools. If you are a creator, then you can rely on it because of its amazing features and flexible pricing.

Small Review of the ConvertKit

So many email marketers are out there. Some of these tools are for the creators. But, these are not created by the creators. For this reason, these tools cannot perform as per necessity. A group of creators has created ConvertKit. That is why, any creator will get more facilities from this software. This solution is not only for the experienced marketers, but also for each and every beginner. Its pricing plans have been made so impressively that a beginner does not need to invest much initially. Besides, we have made the product way cheaper by introducing the discount coupon. Simply get the ConvertKit discount by following the instructions in the CK image above. Let’s see some of its major features and facilities:

Creates Amazing Forms

This email marketing solution helps to grow the audience in a quick time. In doing so, it provides so many opt-in forms. You will be able to customize these forms very easily and send to the customers. Then, these forms will add them to an email list. ConvertKit also has an amazing reporting facility. It will monitor the growth of your audience and provide some necessary lists. There is no difficulty in watching these reports. Its dashboard will show you all. ConvertKit has an email automation facility. This rule-based automatic emailing function will increase the engaging rate in a quick time. The software helps to create a sequence of multiple emails. Then, it will send one after another very efficiently.


Organize the Subscribers

Different subscribers may have different interests. For this reason, they should be organized in different groups. This email marketing solution for creators will help to do so. After organizing them, you will be able to send some suitable messages to each group. Similarly, it is able to organize them as per their location and other terms. ConvertKit has an ability to send the plain text emails along with the opt-in forms.

ConvertKit Coupon, Plans and Pricing

ConvertKit is available with various plans. You just have to select the suitable one as per necessity. All these licenses are available in Monthly and Yearly Billing Policies. In this article, I have mentioned the monthly pricing according to 27 November 2018. One of the available licenses is for 0-1k subscribers. You have to pay only $29/month excluding the coupon to enjoy this one. Another License is for maximum 3 thousand subscribers. To get this one, only $49 should be paid in a month. ConvertKit also offers a license to deal with up to 5 thousand subscribers. The monthly cost of this license is only 79 USD. It also has a customizable plan. You can get it for as many subscribers as you want.

So, please get the automations and also email marketing tools with our discount. For any inquiry on the ConvertKit coupon, kindly drop us an email.