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ContentPress discount

Articles and other written contents are necessary for optimizing and ranking websites. These are also necessary for creating info-products and eBooks. ContentPress is a WordPress plugin that generates unique contents for all these things.

Review of ContentPress

When you will try to rank a website, then unique contents should be there. Otherwise, it is very tough to get a better rank from search engine for a long term. Similarly, you have to add unique things while creating eBooks and info-products. Otherwise, there can be copyright issues. There is no need to hire any professional or use a difficult tool for all these things. A simple WordPress plugin is enough to do all these things. The name of that plugin is ContentPress. Get the WP plugin with our discount now. Grab the ContentPress coupon now. Its top features and benefits are:

Instant Traffic

It is a fact that there are lots of content generating tools. But, only a few tools are capable of creating contents that generate a big traffic quickly. It is one of these tools. This plugin is capable of driving instant traffic. As a user, you will be able to use the contents generated by this plugin to make a website SEO friendly. At the same time, you are allowed to sell these contents as info-products. And, these are also suitable for creating eBooks. After creating a number of eBooks, you can sell them to gain a big profit. Even, you can use it to run a content writing agency. No technical skill is necessary to use ContentPress. This WordPress plugin is specially designed for newbies.


Add Graphics

Most of the content generating plugins can generate text contents or articles only. But nowadays, people seek for more. That is why, this plugin is able to add images and graphics. That means, it is capable of making a content more professional. Tons of backlinks will be generated by these articles. ContentPress is suitable for creating profitable lists. In doing so, you just have to use it to create info-products or eBooks. Then, these things should be given away or sold to have the desired list. More importantly, these contents will ensure a better rank for your websites in no time.

ContentPress Discount & Pricing

The plugin is useful in creating tons of contents. These contents will bring you unlimited traffic and profit. But surprisingly, there is no need to pay a big amount to buy its license. Though its original fee is USD 197, but you are getting it now by paying only USD 16.93 without the discount in 2020. Along with every license, there are some additional facilities. For example, every license contains a money back guarantee for 30 days. ContentPress is not for a single or a few niches. Rather, this WordPress plugin can work in all types of niches. And, you don’t have to pay any kind of recurring fees.

Therefore, please get the plugin with our coupon now. We hope the ContentPress discount will help to generate unique contents & articles for websites.