Content Watch Review & Pricing Plan

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Content Watch provides the users easy to manage content faster. It does the filtering and management properly. It will allow you to register free webinar that allows you to learn how you can manage content more efficiently. Content Watch has many types of products that can help to do different types of content filtering, one of the first ones is the content filtering that allows the filtering of all the data faster. It has real-time filtering so that you can filter out data and find the data that can be helpful for your work.

Content Watch

Content Watch Review

Content Watch also does the content filtering that is done in real-time. It also has a real-time content analysis that will allow you to understand how you can manage the content better. It also has remote content management that allows doing reporting better. To be flexible with the work, you need to make sure that you can manage the content from anywhere and any place. Using this application will make that work much easier and smoother. It has easy scheduling that will allow you to schedule internet data between employees easily. You can make sure that you can control the web surfing time of your employee. As a result, you can make sure that you can regulate the productivity of the employee.

Highlights of the Application

Content Watch has peer-to-peer management included that can help as well to drive better conversion. Peer-to-peer management will help to eliminate the worry of your employee to upload pirated files that can include movies and other types of media files. This will regulate and make sure that the peer-to-peer management is done properly. To control the productivity of the site, you can also use this application. This tool will disable online games and gambling sites as well. So that there is no need to worry about employees wasting time on popular mobile games.

Content Watch review

Instant Messaging Control

Content Watch provides the tool that allows you to regulate the messages very easily. You can regulate the message to make sure that you can block any instant messaging of clients and employees that violates the policy of the messaging. The software is easy to install and start. So that whether anyone is professional or beginner they can master the use of this application.

Pricing Plans of Content Watch

Content Watch has one fixed price at the moment. The price of this application has been fixed at only 39 dollars. It has a web-based administration and reporting. So that you can regulate the website activity on a regular basis. Content Watch has remote management that allows you to manage employee activities from the cloud. It also allows you to remotely provide permission and deny permission. So it is quite easier to follow this application and filter the content.