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Content Gorilla discount

You can now create profitable articles without taking help from content writers. Content Gorilla has arrived to convert popular YouTube videos into profitable blog posts. More importantly, this software is completely affordable.

Content Gorilla Review and Features

There are millions of videos on YouTube on any topic. These videos can easily be converted into profitable blog posts. These posts will be liked by Google and other search engines. Hence, your pages will get a higher rank in a short time. Converting a YouTube video is a very easy task if you have Content Gorilla. This software comes with a big number of important features. If you are satisfied with the product review please purchase with our discount. Grab the amazing Content Gorilla coupon now.

Content Gorilla

The Bulk Posting

First of all, Content Gorilla helps to find out suitable videos from YouTube. You just have to use its built-in search bar to find out those. Various filtering options are available there too. You will be able to find out related contents by using these filters. After finding out necessary contents, you have to convert that into blog posts. This task requires only a few seconds. An ordinary tool requires several minutes to convert a single content. But, this one requires only a few seconds to do so. Content Gorilla has a bulk posting option. Sometimes, you may need to post multiple items at a time to complete a project quickly. This software is capable of creating 10 posts as per your schedule. That means, you just have to set the things up once, and then it will work accordingly.

Article Rewriter Facility

After converting a video into an article, you can post that on various sites. Sometimes, a marketer may need to create more articles on the same topic. There is no need to find out another video to do so. This software has a built in article rewriter. It actually spins a content and create unlimited variations of that. Every article may have a few grammatical mistakes. To correct those mistakes, it has a grammar correcting tool. Similarly, Content Gorilla helps to add necessary images and featured photos with blog posts.

Content Gorilla Discount and Pricing

Pricing of Content Gorilla is another thing that can impress a big number of customers. It has two different licenses. One is the monthly license. You have to pay only USD 17 per month to enjoy it without any promo code. As an early-bird offer, there is another license that is available for an attractive one-time fee. We strongly recommend this license, which can be bought by paying only USD 27 once. Both licenses have the same features. A single license of Content Gorilla is able to work with 10 different websites. Generally, this kind of tools can work with contents in one or two languages. But, it will let you create blog posts in more than a hundred languages.

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