Connectio Discounts, Coupons & Promo Codes January 2022

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Connectio discount

Nowadays, a big number of social media marketers use Facebook Ads for generating traffic, and leads. These FB Ads can be handled more efficiently if you have some smart tools. There is no need to find out these tools from multiple sources. Connectio provides all these things at once place.

Review of Connectio

Facebook Ads is a great platform for the social media marketers. Almost every online marketer tries to get more profit form this platform. But, the majority of them cannot do so. Actually, this platform has so many hidden features. You have to identify and use these features by using effective tools. Connectio comes with a big number of useful tools. These tools are useful for smartening your Facebook Ads campaigns. All these tools are affordable. If you are satisfied with the review please purchase with our discount coupon. So grab the tool with Connectio coupon.

Automated FB Ads

Facebook is still the most popular social platform of this world. You can get a big traffic from there. Marketers often run various Facebook Ads campaigns to get more customers. Connectio offers a separate tool for this task. The name of that tool is ConnectAutomate. It is helpful for running profitable FB ads very easily. Sometimes, marketers run a big number of campaigns. But, the ROIs of these campaigns are very poor. That is why, this software will help get more ROI in a quick time. Another very important thing is to reduce the cost per click. You will be able to do so without any difficulty. Connectio provides a very simple way for using ConnectAutomate. Only three steps should be done to start a campaign. This solution is capable of dealing with unlimited FB pages with unlimited boosting rules.


Behavioral Targeting

ConnectRetarget is an impressive product of Connectio. This tool is capable of selecting the audience of your target. Actually, audiences can come from various platforms. To identify them, you will be able to use multiple templates. A big number of audience templates are offered by ConnectRetarget. For example, it is able to detect audiences that are created from the traffic generated by Google. There can be a big traffic from social networks. This software of Connectio will help find them with ease. Similarly, it will be very helpful for finding out audience generated from mobile devices, computers, and various search engines.

Interest Targeting Tool

We have mentioned a tool that will let you get more ROI from every FB Ads campaign. Connectio provides another tool that will let you win over the competitors very easily. The name of that tool is ConnectExplore. This one is an innovative FB interest targeting tool. It is capable of finding out untapped Facebook interests that had never been found by your competitors. When a user will run a FB promotional campaign, this solution will automatically analyze the potential interests that can be earned from there. That is why, it will be very easy to run more profitable campaigns. Connectio has also added an effective split testing facility in this tool. That is why, lucrative interests can be found very easily. This tool will also help to filter the audience with ease. That means, you can easily find out a group of very hungry buyers and leads.

Lead Synchronization

Generating leads is an important thing. But, if you cannot sync them well, then the desired profit may not be earned. That is why, Connectio provides another tool named ConnectLeads. This solution is able to sync your leads with an autoresponder or a CRM. More importantly, it will work as per action. There is no need to wait for long for this task. The sync will be done in real-time. ConnectLeads is able to work with almost every popular autoresponder and CRM platform. Sometimes, a user may need to add some extra fields on lead ads. That task can easily be done with a few clicks. Depending on the inputs to these fields, you can categorize the leads in several segments. Connectio has added a real-time data analysis feature to make this tool even more powerful. It has an intuitive dashboard. That is why, newbies will love working with it.

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Connectio review

Audience Growing Tool

ConnectAudience is a great tool of Connectio. This software targets different batches of audience with ease. And, then it sync these audiences with your CRMs and other platforms. You can connect this directly to the Facebook Ads Manager dashboard. It increases profits in different ways. First of all, this tool targets overlapping segments. That means, it identifies leads that have interests on multiple products. These leads should be handled differently. Similarly, ConnectAudience is able to separate buyers who have bought products previously. Then, users will be able to deal separately with them who never bought any good. Marketers often run emailing campaigns. But, every recipient does not open every email. Connectio has added an email tracking facility to this tool. That is why, it can find out those recipients who have not opened a specific email. Similarly, it has some other ways to connect and retarget audiences.

Connectio Discount and Pricing

Connectio offers affordable pricing for each of its products in 2021. Let’s talk about the pricing of ConnectAutomate. This one is available with two different licenses. The monthly license of it can be bought by paying only $47 per month. The Yearly License is available for only $297 per year without any promo code. This plan provides some additional facilities also. The ConnectRetarget has two licenses for the same price as ConnectAutomate. CExplore is a very affordable tool also. You have to pay just USD 197 once to grab it for a lifetime. No monthly or yearly recurring fee should be paid for it. This license also includes a 30-day free subscription of ConnectSuite. ConnectLeads has both the yearly and monthly licenses. You have to pay USD 197/year and USD 47/month respectively to get these products. The monthly price of ConnectLeads is also available for only USD 47. But, its yearly plan can be bought by paying only USD 297.  Connectio offers a money back guarantee for all these products.

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