Collect Chat Discount | Cool Coupon on Interactive Chat Bot

Get exclusive 20% PayPal cash back as Collect Chat discount. This 20% cashback discount will be provided for any monthly and yearly license of any plan (Lite, Standard and Plus).

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Collect Chat Discount

A chatbot is able to collect so many important pieces of information from a website. Many website owners want to use these chatbots to their site. But, the most of them cannot do so. Collect Chat is a suitable solution to those struggling website owners. This solution will add a very impressive chatbot to your website.

Collect Chat Features and Review

Every visitor is a potential customer. There are some people who will come to your website for buying something. And, some people can be convinced to buy. Both these types of visitors should be handled properly. We use various methods to collect some data from them. One of the most effective ways is to use a chatbot. This is an interactive way to get the desired data very quickly. Though there are so many chatbot solutions, all of those are not very effective. My suggestion is to go for the Collect Chat. This is a new and powerful solution. Avail the new powerful solution with our discount. The Collect Chat coupon can be found by following the steps mentioned in the CC image above. Here are some major features of it:

Requires No Coding

Many website owners think they have to know something about coding to create a chatbot. But, actually this is a backdated idea. Nowadays, it is possible to create such thing without having any coding experience. Collect Chat offers a very impressive chatbot builder. You just have to use your mouse and create a bot without any problem. This is a fast one too. It requires only a few minutes to create a bot. The main task of such a bot is to ask some questions to every visitor. You don’t have to set these questions manually. Collect Chat provides some impressive templates. These question templates are very much useful to ask some quick questions.

Collect Chat

Impressive Data Importing

Making a conversation with every potential customer is very important. This task can be done by any chatbots. But, all these tools are not capable of exporting every piece of data very efficiently. Collect Chat is capable of doing so. It automatically collects the data and export those to a CSV file. A powerful campaign tracking facility is added to this product too. For this reason, you will be able to monitor your campaign without any problem.

Collect Chat Discount and Affordable Pricing

One free license and three paid licenses are available for this solution. Collect Chat Lite is the smallest paid plan. It is available for only 19 USD per month excluding the discount. This license is capable of handling 500 conversations in every month. The Standard License of this solution is a cost effective one. It can handle 1500 responses per month. To grab this one, you have to pay only 39 USD per month. Similarly, the Plus Plan of Collect Chat is available for 69 USD/month. It is suitable for dealing with 5 thousand monthly conversations. All these licenses are able to create unlimited chatbots.

Hence, please get the interactive chatbot with our coupon. Hopefully, you will enjoy the Collect Chat discount.