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Code Compare Discount

There are different types of app development platforms. Among all those, Microsoft Visual Studio is one of the most popular ones. As an extension to this platform, you can use the Code Compare. This tool can act as a file comparing and merging extension.

Code Compare, Review and Features

We know that Devart comes with various types of database and coding management solutions. Code Compare is one of the best products of this brand. While dealing with an app development campaign, we normally need various files and folders. It can be very important to compare these files and folders. Doing this task manually is very difficult. Devart provides a great tool to solve this problem. The name of that tool is Code Compare. This MS Visual Studio extension can save several hours. So, you will be able to develop your app in a short time. Enjoy the excellent CC features with our discount. The Code Compare coupon will be useful.

Code Compare

Powerful Text Comparison

Suppose you need to compare multiple texts. Every line of these texts will be compared by Code Compare. In doing so, it will show the changes in some detailed highlights with various lines. Every modified text will be shown by this software by colored blocks. Some tools can deal with some comparison tasks very well. But, these tools cannot merge the texts very efficiently. Code Compare is capable of merging with ease. You don’t have to type a single code for that. Only mouse clicks are enough for this kind of merging. Similarly, this software also provides some impressive merging shortcuts.

Code Compare Discount and Pricing Option

Normally, Devart provides multiple editions of its products. But, Code Compare only has one paid edition, though it has a free edition. This Professional Edition is an affordable one too. As per this post creating time, you just have to pay only 49.95 USD excluding the discount. Unlike many other paid tools, this software has a word-by-word comparison facility. That is why, it can perform more efficiently than those ordinary tools. This product of Devart has a useful code outlining or folding facility. Normally, code comparison tool provides a single comparison and merging technique. But, this one comes with three different techniques for these operations.

Supports Code Reviewing

While comparing various codes, you may need to add some comments. This software will help to do that very easily. From any comparison documents, you will be able to see these comments. This software also provides a review facility. Before coming to a decision, you can check the review. Automatic merging is another great feature of this software. It can merge the files if there is no conflicting lines. Code Compare has a one-click conflict resolution capability. This software is capable of working with a batch of files at a time. Even it can compare several folders of similar files.

So, avail the online diff tool with our coupon. Hopefully, the Code Compare discount is going to be enjoyed by you.