CloudBerry Drive Discount (MSP360 Drive) and Coupon

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CloudBerry Drive Discount

Using different types of cloud storage is very much common nowadays. People love to store various files and data in the cloud. Storing on these storages is not difficult. But, it is also important to manage these cloud. To do this task, you can use the CloudBerry Drive.

CloudBerry Drive Features and Review

Normally, a cloud storage a bit tough to handle. Compared to these storages, a virtual drive is easier to use. It is possible to map a cloud just like a virtual drive. You cannot do this manually. Rather, it can be done by using a suitable cloud mounting solution. There are several options for this task. One of these is the CloudBerry Drive. This solution is a popular product of CloudBerry Lab. Avail the cool products of CBD with our discount. Hopefully, the CloudBerry Drive coupon is going to come in handy. It provides a big list of features and facilities. Some of these features are as follows:

Very Easy Mapping

There is nothing difficult in the process of installing CloudBerry Drive. You can also configure this thing as per necessity. Many solutions face several problems while integrating Windows with Amazon S3. But this solution can complete this task with ease. After purchasing this solution, you can use your Amazon S3 just like an external drive. It is possible to load and retrieve any file from that online space just by using the drag and drop functionality. Sometimes, it can be very essential to automate some tasks over and over again. In these cases, CloudBerry Drive will let you use the Command Line Interface. Even integrating any virtual drive can also be done by using this feature.

Strong Encryption Facility

When you will deal with some files and data, there will be a question of security. CloudBerry Drive offers a data encryption facility to meet this need. This encryption program is capable of protecting every sensitive piece of data. Some ordinary tools are available out there. These tools can download or upload only one file at a time. Compared to these tools, CloudBerry Drive is more powerful. It has a parallel processing capacity. That means, it can download as well as upload multiple files at a time.

CloudBerry Drive Plans and Discount

This product of CloudBerry Lab is available for Windows desktops as well as the servers. Windows Desktop edition of this product is available for only 39.99 excluding the discount prior to 2021. You can use this solution on any Windows Workstation. As convention, price of the Server Edition of this product a bit high. Only 79.99 USD should be paid to buy this license for a single computer. Both these licenses of MSP360 Drive are available with a 15-day trial edition. There is no monthly or yearly recurring fee for any of these editions. That means, you can use enjoy these products by paying only a one-time fee. It supports Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Rackspace, and other cloud platforms to work with.

In conclusion, avail the CBD features and services at a cheaper price with our cool coupon. We believe that you are going to love the CloudBerry Drive discount.