CloudBerry Dedup Server Coupon: Get Exclusive Discount and Review

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Currently Dedup Server product has been deprecated by the Merchant. Hence the following offer is not active now. Please check other Cloudberry products with above link.

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CloudBerry Dedup Server Coupon

Creating and storing some backups is not the only important thing. You have to do this task with efficiency. In doing so, one of a few reliable solution should be used. CloudBerry Dedup Server is a good solution for dealing with any backup session efficiently.

Review of the CloudBerry Dedup Server

There should not be any doubt that the CloudBerry is a very popular platform for various types of backup solutions. One of the best products of this brand is CloudBerry Backup. This software is capable of storing various types of tools in the cloud. This company also provides another product that can be integrated with this backup solution. The name of this product is CloudBerry Dedup Server. It can show a great deduplication facility for any kind of backups. This facility can make the backup solution more effective and efficient. We have made the backup solution cheaper by introducing the discount coupon. Please get the CloudBerry Dedup Server discount by following the CBDS image procedure today. Some major features and facilities of this product are as follows:

Supports Multiple Storages

We know that there are different popular platforms for storing the backups. Some of these platforms are Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure. Nowadays, Google Cloud and some other platforms are also very much popular all over the world. That is why, CloudBerry Dedup Server is capable of working with all these platforms. There is no need to go through any complicated process to configure this solution. All you need is to integrate it with Windows Active Directory. Then, it will be very easy for a client computer to deal with any cloud storage through CloudBerry Dedup Server.

Deduplication Server

Detecting the Duplicates

Some advanced compression technologies are added to this software. For this reason, it will take a smaller space in any cloud. Among all these technologies, the duplicate finder is one of the bests. Without our knowing, we store several duplicates in a cloud storage. These duplicate files take a huge space in that. That is why, CloudBerry Dedup Server finds out the duplicates and ignore those. There two main advantages of this feature. First of all, it takes lesser cloud space. And secondly, it ensures a fast storing of backups. Similarly, this software uses some other techniques to reduce the backup size.

Dedup Server Pricing and Coupon

It is a fact that CloudBerry set a very affordable price for every product. The Dedup Server of this company is also an affordable one. As it should be integrated with a backup solution, you don’t have to pay a good amount for it. As per the post publishing time, only $299.99 should be paid excluding the coupon to purchase it. This is the one-time fee to use it on only one computer. With this software, a very impressive encryption tool is added. It will let you set a password for every backup file. Similarly, CloudBerry Dedup Server also provides a very easy and efficient restoring facility.

So, please get the Windows server app with our discount. For any more information on the CloudBerry Dedup Server coupon, please contact us.