CloudBerry Backup Discount & Coupon (MSP360 Backup)

Have 15% cash back as CloudBerry Backup discount, when buying any product from the following list. Please also check out the cashback image in below section for this coupon.

Backup for Windows Server

Backup for Windows Desktop

Backup for MS Exchange

Backup for MS SQL Server

Backup Ultimate Edition

Linux Personal

Linux Server

Linux Ultimate

Backup for Mac

Cloudberry Explorer Packages

** Please note that this offer is available for any type of Backup, including Windows Desktop, Windows Server, Mac, Linux, SQL Server, Exchange Edition, Ultimate edition and others. The name has been rebranded as MSP360, which is now the ultimate MSP backup solution. But the cashback offer is still valid for your above purchases.

CloudBerry Backup

Review of the CloudBerry Backup

Anytime, your computer can get attacked by various viruses. If that device is connected with internet, there is always a huge risk of the virus attacks. Due to any harmful virus, some seriously important data from your computer can be damaged. Hackers are even more harmful. They can not only damage your data, but also collect these. If you save all business data on your computer, hackers will love to get these by any means. CloudBerry provides such a powerful solution to solve this problem. It can easily store all the necessary data to a safe storage. Get the impressive CB with our discount. The CloudBerry Backup coupon will let you get the product at a much cheaper price.

cloudberry backup discount

Windows Desktop Edition

Pro edition of this software can create backups from your Windows desktop very easily and efficiently. It can follow creating schedule for completing its task. Real time backup with strong encryption facility has made this solution more powerful. Like all other editions of CloudBerry Backup, this one also has block level backup facility. For this reason, it can store modified data and files only. Effective email notification facility has been added with this too. You can complete both cloud to cloud and cloud to local backup with the help of this powerful software. This promotion for this CloudBerry Backup will let you get the product at a cheaper price. So get them with our discount coupon.

Windows Server Backup

CloudBerry Backup Windows Server Edition has various features too. Image based backup is one of the finest feature of this product. For this feature, it will be possible to save data to dissimilar hardware. For synthetic full backup feature, this software can minimize the amount of uploaded data. Sometimes, you may need to restore files to cloud virtual machines. In those cases, CloudBerry Backup Windows Server will be very helpful. It supports command line interface and all the other features of previously discussed product.

Protect Business Data

MSP360 backup, formerly CloudBerry Lab, provides one of the most powerful online backup solutions. There are some other solutions which can create the backups. But these solutions do not support every popular platform. But this one is capable of supporting all of these platforms. For this reason, it is very much helpful for dealing with any small and medium business. It will let you create backups for any Exchange Server and SQL server. Image based operation is another important feature of CloudBerry Backup. For this feature, only the dissimilar items can be stored and restored very easily. There is no need to restore these data on a physical machine. It is capable of restoring on various cloud virtual machines.

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CloudBerry Server Backup Discount

You can purchase CloudBerry Server Backup for Windows or Mac by paying only 29.99 USD. If, 2-6 license of this solution is purchased, only 24.99 USD should be paid for each license excluding the promotion. Similarly, you can get more than 50 licenses of this product. In that case, only 14.99 USD should be paid for each unit. To purchase a single unit of CloudBerry Backup SQL Server, you have to pay only 149.99 USD. It has a volume discount facility also. As per this post creating time, only 119.99 USD should be paid for each license, if 5-9 licenses are purchased. Here are the pricing has been mentioned excluding any kind of tax. Some volume discounts are also available for some of these products.

We use several security solutions for protecting data on computers and servers. But at the same time, it is best to use backup software. If those data are stored in the cloud, then we will be able to restore those even if the original data are lost. But for doing this task, professional quality software should be used. CloudBerry Lab can be recommended for this task. It is very important to save every piece of business data. Sometimes, you cannot save these data safely on computers. In these cases, a backup solution can be used to protect these.

Therefore, please have the excellent CloudBerry backup (as known as MSP360 backup) with our coupon. We believe that you will love the CloudBerry Backup discount.