Clipper Theme Review : Easy to Install WordPress Coupon Theme

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All the theme provider companies try to create and offer unique types of themes. Though there are so many free themes available, you have to use premium themes to the WordPress sites to make those sites more professional looking. AppThemes is one of those theme providers which always maintain the quality of the products. Clipper theme is one of the best creations of this company and this theme can convert a general WordPress site into perfect coupon site. That means after installing this theme your site will be perfect for posting various types of coupons.

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Discussion about the Clipper Theme

This coupon theme offers 5 different color schemes which can be used for making the websites look more colorful. It will let you use your company logo for the websites. You may not want to post the coupons without editing. Clipper theme of AppThemes will let you edit each of the coupons before and even after being posted. For the coupon site and any kind of business site monetization is very important. That is why AppThemes has created this theme such a way that you will be able to integrate the popular payment gateways to your site after installing it. There are different built in categories to this theme and you can add more for customizing your site.

Why Use This Theme

One of the most important things about this theme, is it will offer you and the customers multiple pages which will help you to find out the total number of listings to your site and the available categories. So it is not necessary to calculate those numbers manually anymore. Many coupon themes cannot create so many coupon stores. But the Clipper theme will help you to create as many coupon stores as you want. It will also let you know the most popular coupons of your site. The customers will be able to post their coupons to your site if you allow them to do. There is no difficulty in the coupon posting method and the customer will enjoy posting their coupons to your site. You can activate the email notification to your website with the help of this theme to communicate with the customers.

Friendliness of This Theme

Most important things about the products of the AppThemes is those can be installed to the WordPress sites very easily. Clipper theme is also very friendly. It requires very short time to be installed properly to any WordPress site. Another important feature of Clipper theme, is it can work with any type of plugins. So you can use any tool or plugin you need to your site after installing Clipper theme. The license period of this theme is unlimited. That means after buying this theme, you will be able to use this for unlimited time and to unlimited number of websites.

The features under Clipper theme

To edit the coupon, Clipper allows an admin area. It mainly acts as a breeze with the systematic writing panel having customizing process. Besides, all the customizing fields can be organized as well as labeled from this control panel. For identifying the color option, you can choose any single color from the five different colors. Moreover, you can upload the corresponding logo that is very reliable to brand the user’s site. Clipper affords two extra page templates by which you can observe the automatic up-gradation process of the listing category of the stores. In fact; this is an innovative way for the visitors while browsing. Moreover, to index the content, it also supports the Google.

Clipper allows an easy way to start up the listing coupons on the site. In the coupon form, the visitors need to register at the beginning. Here, it also includes an additional ReCaptcha system which is used to identify the presence of spam. Besides, you can create limitless coupon stores through this theme. This theme allows the advertising fields from which any user can establish the extra income process from the site. In fact; this is very helpful for the affiliate banners and the Google AdSense process. The statistical format of this theme ensures the way of identifying the most popular post. Besides, it also creates a function to keep the tracking system of daily views of the blog post. Moreover, it also includes the updated payment procedure like PayPal or other common banking systems.

clipper theme review

Summary of The Theme

Today the online based activities are increasing at a rapid speed. We can’t ignore the flexible communication system in our life. To ensure all the sectors of digital communication system, a website is an essential part. Not only in personal sector, but also in commercial and professional sectors, it plays so many vital roles. That’s why; the necessity of website creation process is increasing day by day. From the definition of the expert web developers, WordPress is one of the easiest and strongest methods for any web developer to create any website.

You can use many types of themes in your WordPress sites. That’s why the variation in the site is very flexible within this. There are many types of themes under various categories. Among of them, coupon based site is very essential for some users. For those users, Clipper is a dependable theme. To create your own coupon based website, it is very essential for the users. To monitor the traffic system of your site, it affords all the functional tools. The community system under this theme allows the clear and effective facilities.