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Clip Studio Paint discount

We often look for a software that help us create stunning artworks. But, most of the artwork creating tools are very tough to use. That is why, Clip Studio Paint is a great solution for newbies. It offers an easy way to create top quality digital drawings and paintings.

Review of Clip Studio Paint

A big number of people can paint and draw amazing photos, comics, and portraits on papers. But, they cannot create digital contents. One of the major reasons behind that is they cannot use digital image generating tool. Almost every such tool is very tough to handle. Years of experience are required to handle those properly. But, there is an exception. Clip Studio Paint is a top quality drawing and painting software. And, it is very easy to use. If you are satisfied with the review, please purchase with our discounts. Grab the Clip Studio Paint coupon now.

This is also available in other international versions. Available versions are: French, German, Korean, Spanish and Chinese.

Drawing and Painting

Digital drawing is very useful nowadays. Artists often use costly and difficult tools for their work. Clip Studio Paint is a software that has opened a new window for newcomers. It includes a big number of useful elements that help generate top quality digital drawing. For example, it provides a customizable pen sensitivity. That is why, you will be able to control every stroke with ease. Sometimes, artists cannot make their drawn lines smooth. This tool has a built-in stabilizer to make every line smoother. Similarly, you will be able to add the starting and finishing effects on every line very easily. Clip Studio Paint is able to use vector layers to customize every line. That means, you can change the thickness, shapes, and other properties of drawn lines by using vector layers.

Clip Studio Paint

Endless Brushes

We often see that a drawing or painting software contains only a few brushes. That is why, these tools are not capable of working on every project. Clip Studio Paint comes with endless brushes. Actually, it has thousands of brushes. Each of these brushes is very easily customizable. You will be able to customize every brush with a few clicks. And, each brush can be used for oil painting, pastel, and watercolor. Even, you are allowed to use endless brushes for the pencil artworks. Decoration brushes are very useful for drawing or painting complex patterns. These brushes can also be created by using Clip Studio Paint. Sometimes, watercolors cannot show realistic effects. But, the watercolors of this software will always show realistic effects. Clip Studio Paint provides several Airbrush tools. These tools are useful for controlling blur effects and gradients.

Suitable for Comics

We know that comics are very interesting. People use lots of professional tools to create comic characters and scenes. You will be able to create those by using Clip Studio Paint. There can be different comic panels. This software has dedicated tools to split and rearrange these panels. To create effect lines, different kinds of rulers are necessary. This software has several built-in rulers. Similarly, it is capable of converting layers into halftone dots. There is another very important thing about comics. You have to add suitable dialogs on each scene for one or multiple characters. Clip Studio Paint is able to add dialogues on the stories. In doing so, it uses different kinds of speech balloons. For example, you can add curve balloons, ellipse balloons, and rounded balloons, etc. Similarly, it includes panel templates, screentones, and other dedicated elements for creating comics and manga.

Clip Studio Paint review

Batch Processing

Professional artists and designer often need to convert 3D materials and photos into different lines and tones. The LT conversion technique is used for this task. Clip Studio Paint is able to do it with ease. This feature is very useful for creating backgrounds and B&W effects. After creating comics, we often take the help of others to print those. There is no need to do so. This software is capable processing batch of files. And, it can print tons of images along with associated texts. Before printing, you can easily see the previews. Similarly, an artist may need to import different artworks to make his project more amazing. This software supports importing different artworks with ease. Clip Studio Paint works in RGB very well. That is why, it is able to work for all kinds of digital artwork and CMYK.

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Compatible to Others

Photoshop is still one of the most popular drawing software of the world. There are some other drawing solutions that are not compatible with Photoshop. But, Clip Studio Paint is completely compatible with this popular tool. Actually, this software supports lots of drawing file formats. Some of these formats are PNG, TIFF, JPEG, and PSD, etc. It is compatible with Manga Canvas also. Sometimes, the layers of PSD files cannot be imported without distortion. But, you will be able to import PSD files without any distortion of layers. Similarly, it helps to import CSNF files from Manga Canvas very efficiently. Sometimes, you may need to export files in PDF format. Clip Studio Paint has an iPad version that is able to import PSD files and export in PDF files. This software is very helpful for sharing created contents to different social platforms.

Clip Studio Paint Discount and Pricing

The Pro Edition of Clip Studio Paint comes with all the standard features discussed till now. You can purchase it by paying only USD 49 without the discount. But, we suggest the Paint Ex edition for more features and facilities. For example, this edition has a built-in story editor. It helps for editing the texts in comics. It also allows multiple users to work on a same project. This one can be bought by paying only USD 219. There is an iPad version of this software also. It can be accessed for a monthly payment. Only USD 8.99 should be paid for it. A big number of iOS users may need this software for a year. In that case, the yearly subscription of Clip Studio Paint iOS version is suitable. Only USD 71.99 is the price for this subscription. That means, you are getting 33% discount on a yearly payment right now.

So, purchase the drawing and painting software cheaply with our coupon in 2021. For any information about Clip Studio Paint discount please contact us.