Clickmeeting Review & Pricing

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Clickmeeting allows creating of different types of the webinar easily. It provides different types webinar that includes video conferencing. The webinar is a way of getting more students and hosting more students through different online meetings. The variety the webinar has the better it is to get more attention and drive better conversion. You can combine customers and team members and conduct webinars with this tool. So there are different types of webinars that you can host.


Clickmeeting Review

Clickmeeting has product demos and marketing that allow the creation of a completely optimized marketing webinar. These types of webinars will help to drive more conversion and convert more sales to the site on an easy basis. It has step by step procedure to show you how you can promote your products through the webinar. It has called to action button that allows converting more audience. When you add a call-to-action button with the webinar it is much easier to motivate the audience to purchase the product after sharing the product demo. Clickmeeting will allow generating completely big online meetings. When you host huge online events, you save money on a lot of resources and time.

Highlights of the Application

Especially in the era of the pandemic, online meetings can be helpful at the moment. Whenever you want to conduct live events, you can telecast them both on Facebook and YouTube. It will help you easily to get social media to reach a fast pace. You can even conduct a paid webinar with the help of Clickmeeting. The paid webinar will help you to make money. In addition to that, you can sell courses to your students through the paid webinars. It allows monetizing webinars also to make money based on webinars.

ClickMeeting review

Interact with the Audience.

Clickmeeting will allow adding interaction with the audience. You can make sure that you engage with your audience through your webinars. So that it becomes easier to develop long-lasting relationships with the customers. It has a presentation slide that included allows you to showcase presentations of different slides to your students. For any course webinars, presentation slides can be really helpful to showcase different types of lessons. Clickmeeting has a screen sharing option that will allow you to show your screen to the audience and play any types of content you want. You can also conduct surveys and get responses easily.

Pricing Plans of Clickmeeting

Clickmeeting has 2 different pricing plans. The live package of this application is priced at only 22 dollars. The automated package of Clickmeeting is priced at only 35 dollars. Both of the packages are billed annually. It means you need to pay monthly until 12 months. The software has knowledge base which will share proper direction on how you can conduct completely optimized online meetings.