ClickMagick Discount: Grab Cool Coupon and Pricing

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ClickMagick Discount

There are various types of online marketing campaigns. No matter what that type is, it is very important to track that. Only a few solutions can do this task. But, my recommendation is to pick the ClickMagick. This solution is capable of tracking and optimizing every marketing campaign.

Features and Review of ClickMagick

Running a marketing campaign is not the only important thing. There are certainly some other tasks. After launching one project, you have to monitor that regularly. Every content or every post of that campaign may not be equally profitable. It is important to find out the low performing things, and keep those out of that campaign. Similarly, you have to find out some new money making contents and strategies. It is almost impossible to deal with all these tasks manually. That is why, my suggestion is to depend on the ClickMagick. This is a top class marketing campaign optimization solution. Get the top class solution with our discount. The ClickMagick coupon is going to be helpful. It comes with the following features:


Money Layer Technologies

ClickMagick comes with different types of money making technologies. After purchasing this solution, there is no need of other popup generators. This product is capable of creating 5 different types of popups. All kinds of exit and on-load popups can be generated by this solution. This software helps to place these popups on any website. That means, you don’t have to own any website to get the clicks. ClickMagick is able to generate some countdown timers for any website. These timers can increase the conversion rates very quickly. The MagikBar can be created by this solution very efficiently. These are very useful for any affiliate promotion.

ClickMagick Discount and Pricing Plans

ClickMagick is available with different pricing plans. Each of this plan can be purchased on a monthly or yearly basis. The yearly plans charge 30% less. That is why, I have mentioned these yearly pricing data only. To grab the Starter Plan of this product, only 12 USD should be spent in a month excluding the discount. This plan is for monthly 10 thousand clicks. It comes with all the core features. ClickMagick Standard License is offered for only 33 USD per month. It is able to grab 100 thousand clicks in a month. The Pro Plan of this solution is available for only 66 USD/month, according to this post creating time. It supports one million clicks and some advanced features.

Efficient Split-testing

Many tools are capable of performing a split-test very quickly. But, the most of these tools are not that much reliable. ClickMagick offers a top quality algorithm for the split-testing. This solution also offers a retargeting facility to grab more customers. Sometimes, you may need to force the visitors to complete an action. In such a case, the content locking facility of this software is useful. This software has a powerful bot filtering facility too.

So, avail the marketing tracking and optimizing tool with our coupon. Hopefully, you will enjoy the ClickMagick discount.